You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

You never truly appreciate your closet until you do not have one. Well my friends, we have our closet and I am on cloud nine. I actually stood there this morning, sipping on my coffee and just stared at the rows of clothes; a true work of art.

Before I go into detail I must warn you all. Apparently my picture taking ability was slightly affected as a result of my infatuation with our Closet Maid shelving; as you will notice some (if not most) of the pictures are on an angle and perhaps slightly blurred. My apologies. 😉

Let’s begin with a walk down memory lane. Ahhh, freshly sanded drywall.

Then we tidied up and got some paint on the walls

And of course the long awaited carpet….let’s not even go back there again. 😉

And finally we installed the closet shelving unit, which involved a lot more measuring than I thought. After buying all the odds and ends, and two trips to Home Depot, we finally began the installation.

Step 1: Decide how high you want the top shelf to be. Draw a line and ensure that it is level.

Step 2: Holding the top rail (also known as the hang track) in place, mark out the holes with a pencil. Then find the correct sized drill bit and drill out the holes. You need to drill out the holes because you will be using anchor bolts to hold the rail in place.

Step 3: Use anchor bolts to secure the hang track in place.

Step 4: Place the shelf track on the hang track at equal distances apart and secure to the wall using screws. It totally sounds like I know what I’m talking about doesn’t it. 😉


Step 5: Place the D bracket on the shelf track, they should lock into place. We went with a 16 inch shelf so we had to use 16 inch D brackets.

Step 6: Secure your shelf on the D brackets.

Step 7: Secure the rod support bracket to the top shelf and then secure the rod to the support bracket. And voila – you are finished

One of the great things about this type of shelving unit is that you can move things around, add more shelves etc.

Okay, now lets do a before and after picture:



One more……



So what do you think? I am loving it!!! There is already more talk about adding additional shelves – oh yeah baby, bring it on!


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