Tipsy Top Christmas

Last week  a challenged was issued by YHL , Brower Power,The Great Indoors, and Hi Sugarplum…..a Fall Edition Pintrest Challenge.  Challenge was issued and accepted.


Pintrest had an abundant supply of DIY projects and crafts, but one caught my eye immediately; the Tipsy Top Christmas Presents. How stinkin cute!

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My challenge to myself was to use only what I had in my house and not buy any materials for this challenge. So I wandered through the house looking for different sized boxes and found these two.

My plan was to used the bigger box as the base and then cute the smaller box to make two different sized boxes.

Then I used a scrap piece I took from a larger box to make the missing side taped them up so they would keep their shape.

Next came the wrapping paper. Again, I just used what I had; leftover paper from last year and wrapped each box. I made sure that the paper would go in the same direction when I assembled this all together.  Finally, I made a hole in the tops and bottom of each “present”.

Rather than using a piece of rebar, I had half of a curtain rail that was slightly bent. I didn’t throw it out and kept thinking “I could use this for something…..” and VOILA! So I then inserted the pole into each box, starting from the smallest and working my way up to the large box.

Using the flower-pot I had on the front porch (I left the dirt in it as an anchor so the pot didn’t tip) I placed the tipsy top presents on top of the pot. It was missing something, so I added a bow and matching red ribbon.

It turned out pretty cute and would be great indoors or outside on the porch. I think I may add lights weaved arounde it with pine cones sticking out of the pot.

This was super easy and didn’t cost me a dime since I already had all the items lying around the house. 

Quick side note – be sure to prep your children before making this. I made it after my little JBear was tucked into bed. When he woke up and ran down the stairs the following morning he cried out in delight….”SANTA CAME!”.  Yeah – that was a fun conversation to have at 6:30 am.  Long story short – he still wants to unwrap the presents….just in case. 😉


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