Hallway Makeover: Part 1

This is so true on so many different levels. I needed motivation to tackle our cluttered hallway; I had been wanting to do it for so long but kept putting it of.  Then I saw this little burst of inspiration and thought…time to start!  

So this past weekend I started to restore order to the upstairs hallway.

Do you remember when it looked like this?

We have it painted and carpet down but still had step ladders, extension cords, etc. piled in the corner as we continued our work on the bathroom and laundry room. I seriously thought it should take me a couple of hours tops to clean up and decorate….YEAH RIGHT!!!

For the first five minutes, it felt like all I was doing is moving things from one spot to the next. I stood up and didn’t see any progress at all. I felt like throwing my hands up in the air (as demonstrated by my superhero sidekick below) and tackling another project.

But, I snapped out of it, looked at the hall and thought “BRING IT ON! TODAY IS THE DAY!” Yes, I do tackle every cleaning/organizing project as if I were a superhero about to fight a super villan – doesn’t everyone? 😉

Where was I? Oh that’s right, the messy hallway. Well, I didn’t snap a before picture (you all can thank me for not subjecting you to that torture). However, after everything was mostly moved or tossed into the garbage I ran down stairs and grabbed my camera.

Almost there.

We also have a gas fireplace that we plan on moving into our bedroom but for now, I moved it over on the far wall. Until we get it hooked up, it will make a pretty addition topped with a plant and neatly stacked pile of books.

My plan is to move the benches that are on our front porch (shown below) up and create a little sitting area in the hallway during the winter months.

I also moved some of my Geraniums up stairs so they can get some extra sunlight and add some much-needed greenery to our second floor.

Apparently, the move indoors agrees with them because I noticed that they are still blooming in November.

Stay tuned – more hallway renovations to come. 

What have you been up to? Anyone out there tackling long-awaited projects?

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