Holiday Magic

I am in the midst of uploading pictures from my mom’s birthday party. As I looked through pictures, I started to think about the magic of the holidays and how much it meant to me that my parents (Mama and Papa), went above and beyond to always keep that spirit of magic alive. One memory comes to mind in particular.

Let me preface this story by saying that I grew up on a farm filled with pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and rabbits, etc. One Easter, while we were all tuck in our beds, Mama and Papa went out to the barn and got some rabbit droppings then made a trail down our driveway.

When we woke up, Papa was sitting at the kitchen table shaking his head and saying that he was going to get the Easter Bunny (half smiling, half “furious); I can still see the slight smile that danced across his lips. Mama was quietly sipping on her coffee; in an attempt not to laugh at Papa’s over the top acting, I’m sure.

We all stood there, confused about what he was talking about. Then he got up, walked to the front door and said “Just look what he did!” and pointed to the driveway. The mad scramble of little feet sounded more like a stamped as we all ran to see. I remember at that moment, any doubt about the existence of the Easter bunny vanished and giggles of delight filled the house. Every year after, Papa vowed to get the Easter bunny, and every year he would “fail”.

That meant so much to me, as a child and as an adult.  So, I want to follow in Mama and Papa’s footprints and create similar memories for my little man; keep the holiday magic alive as long as possible.

For Christmas, I found this awesome idea of how to make Santa’s footprints – oh yeah baby, this is going to happen.

And of course, you can’t have Christmas without the magical sound of bells as Santa’s reindeer fly away.  Who knows, maybe some DIY reindeer footprints in the snow (if we get snow this year) may make an appearance as well.

How about you, any magical holiday traditions in your family?


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