Crazy Clean Challenge

Last week I tackled my hallway – I had been eyeing it and it was always on the top of my “To Do” list but somehow never got done.  Finally, I just dedicated a day (actually I thought it would only take a couple of hours – boy was I wrong!) and tackled the hallway. 

I posted Part 1 of the hallway clean-up when a blogger buddy, Crystal from 29 Rue House, issued a challenge. We had a week to tackle a room in our home to the point where we would consider it progress.

It was amazing – once the challenge was extended, that became a priority and I focused on getting it completed. Then I thought, why not open this up to everyone (with some rules – of course).  So rather than post Part 2 of my hallway makeover, last night, I spent a great deal of time creating this oh-so-pretty Crazy Clean Challenge logo. I know – it’s fab right?! 😉

Now for the challenge.

Everyone has (as Crystal put it) “a bothersome space”, that drives you crazy.  You know, it’s that space that you promise yourself you are going to tackle but always gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

The challenge is super easy (sort of). What you need to do is tackle a room, hallway, garage, drawer, whatever regardless of how big or small and clean/organize it. The deadline to complete this challenge will be next Friday (November 23). On Nov. 23 the challenge will be completed and we can all post before and after pictures (along with the handy-dandy logo above) and tips on how you organized that space, what you did to get started, etc.

We can all link to each others blogs (more info to come on that) and for those of you that don’t have a blog, feel free to submit your before and after pictures and I will post them on your behalf on this blog. 

Need inspiration? Check out YHL, they thought of a creative way to organize cans of paint, spray paint, and tools in their basement.

Or perhaps under your sink is driving you bonkers; there is no time like the present to get that mess under control.

Pinned Image

Source: Pintrest

All you beauty bloggers out there, why not revamp your vanity and give us tips on organizing makeup, brushes, and so on. 

Pinned Image

Source: Pintrest

Take it outdoors and restore order to your vehicle.

Pinned Image

Source: Pintrest

So now that the challenge has been issued, how many of you will accept?

P.S. – Unfortunately there will not be any prize or a winner chosen – correction, having a clean home/car/whatever for the holidays is the prize. 😀


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