Hair Horror

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and prepping for my big appointment at the Ulta Salon. Normally my sisters colour my hair and my mother trims it; it works out well.

However, in the past couple of weeks I fell into a funk with my hair. Usually when this happens I either chop it all off or try a new look. Since I am doing my best to grow my hair out and chopping it off wasn’t an option, I thought, why not change things up a little with my hair colour. Famous last words.

I love this look and after weeks of humming and hawing, I took the leap and made an appointment at the Ulta salon.

I was so excited I even took this before picture which is a rare thing considering I avoid the camera like it is the plague.

The plan was for Jason to pick up Jbear once he got out of class and then I could get my hair done (and yes he has class on a Saturday – totally sucks but looking at the big picture makes it all worth it). My appointment was at 5:00 p.m. so while we waited for Jason to get out of class, little man and I perused Jo Ann Fabrics which was right beside Ulta.

Besides looking at all the material and crafty stuff, we even had a chance to play dress up. Or should I say, JBear played dress up. I just love my little guy – he is such a great sport and humor’s mommy’s crazy picture taking.

Time just flew by and before I knew it, little man was loaded up in the car with his daddy and I was headed into Ulta. I had never been in Ulta before so of course the first thing I did was gasp then snap this picture and send it to Jason with the caption “I am in heaven!”

Finally it came time to get my hair done. This is where it all went horribly wrong.

First thing I ask (after showing the stylist the pictures) was have you done this before?

Her answer: No.

Okay… need to panic. “Could I have someone who has done this before?”

Her answer: “Oh are you worried” (in my head I was screaming YES!!!!) “no, no don’t be worried. I’ve done hair before just never this look.” And there was a more experienced stylist giving her pointers so how could this turn out badly?

I should have gotten up right there, but I figured it was Ulta, they wouldn’t hire just anyone to do hair. I was wrong.

Long story short, it turned out this was her second day (lucky me). After getting “pointers” from the more experienced stylist she would mumble under breath and then tell me that she didn’t like taking direction from others unless she specifically asked for it. Awkward!! Then I notice that the two stylists were leaving the store, purse and keys in hand. Oh beloved God!

Trying not to freak out I casually asked….”Where are they going?”

To which she replied “they are going to the gym and won’t be back until 8:00” Then she sat down in the chair beside me and just stared at me as we waited for the timer to ring. Oh yeah – that was loads of fun.

When it was time to rinse, I put my head back into the sink and was greeted with a face full of water as she was reading the back of a bottle. No worries though, a heavy towel was hastily plopped on my face. As I dabbed the water trying to clean up the mascara I knew was running down my temples and thinking…praying this turned out okay and I could get out of there quickly I was stunned by her next question:

“Did she say that I was supposed to put this in your hair before or after I used shampoo??”

And panic meltdown in 3….2….1…

“WHAT!! I DON’T KNOW! UHHHHH….” I tried desperately to think which it was when all of a sudden I heard…..

“Oh well” then her squeezing the toner (at least I think it was toner) into my hair. My stomach just sank.

As I got up she asked me if I wanted her to dry my hair. Considering it was about freezing out and my head was sopping wet…uhhh yes please I don’t feel like catching pneumonia. After the torture of having half my hair ripped out by her relentless yanking, she put some shine product in my hair only to follow it up by dabbing a little of it on her lips. I just stood there thinking….SERIOUSLY!!! You are just going to put hair product on your lips to shine them up???

And that is the highlights of the night. There were so many more little quirks but this post is long enough as it is. Needless to say I was not amused. I called down and spoke with the manager and am hoping to get this fixed on Saturday. I did work up the courage to snap this end result (notice I am not showing my face…that is a good thing 😉 ).

What do you guys think? Was I wrong in calling the manager? Do you have any salon horror stories you would like to share?


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22 responses to “Hair Horror

  • Jeni

    I think you were totally justified in calling the manager. If she’s a very new hire, she’s probably on probation, and the salon genuinely needs client feedback — good and bad — before they can assess her skills and “fit.”

    The good news is that I’m sure your little guy thinks you’re gorgeous either way … if only the world could see us through kid-coloured glasses …

  • LifeOfBun

    Right. The shine product on her lips was just the cherry on the cake, wasn’t it. How unprofessional! You absolutely didn’t do anything wrong with calling in the manager, hairdressers cost enough and she seems totally uninterested!

  • MC

    Wow! We are an army family so we move a lot (currently in Germany) and I have grown to be very hesitant about having anybody mess with my hair (it seems like every army wife who has once seen a youtube video of “how do cut hair” is a hairdresser). I’m sorry you had such an awful experience…I probably would have left in tears. And the shine on the lips?!?!?! Who does that? Did you atleast get it fixed there free of charge, of course, by somebody who knows what they were doing?

    • ourlifeinaction

      I know right?! I am hoping to get an appointment with an experianced stylist on Saturday and get this fixed (at no charge) however truth be told, I am a little scared to go back. Oh well, lesson learnt.

      P.S. – How is the weather over in Germany? I live in upstate NY and it is getting chilly!

  • now at home mom

    Oh no! sorry to hear this awful story with this UNPROFESSIONAL lady! Yes, I think you were right to complain to the manager, not only she didn’t know what was she doing but she was unprofessional & what about putting product hair in her lips! oh my! I hope you feel good right now about yourself! & I’m sure you still look great! 🙂 … I have a couple of salon horror stories … can’t tell them all here but the most recent was from a couple of years ago, I wanted to cut my hair short with a fringe on the side but not too short and the hairdresser cut my hair really short with the ugliest bangs I’ve ever seen! (not kidding!) I cried every day for 2 months (every time I would take my shower) , until it grew, I’m lucky because my hair grows really fast but I still felt ugly and bad when it happened! 🙂 BTW, Happy Thanksgiving ! 🙂 (our Thanksgiving was back in Oct, you guys is much later, but I think u celebrate both right?) 🙂

    • ourlifeinaction

      Aww – thanks for the comment and story. 😀 I have my hair up in a bun mostly so I will survive until I get it fixed. 😉 And yes – I celebrate my Thanksgiving in October and then my husbands in November…..mmmm TURKEY! 😉

  • marisaporter

    Wow I can’t believe the other stylists left you in her hands! Horrors. I am shy like you and have lived through ridiculous thing and even though I want to trust my stylist I have learned to be more aggressive (a little – a tiny little bit). The worst was someone who cut my hair off to just below my ears and also threw in “a few more” highlights (twice as many) turning me from a brunette with blonde highlights to a greenish-blonde shorn person with red eyes. (I cried a lot). She then charged me for the extra highlights!

  • marisaporter

    Please let us know how this gets fixed! 🙂

  • Davisville Design

    What a nightmare! I really hope it all works out for you in the end.


  • Crystal - 29 Rue House

    Gabriella!!!!! I can’t believe this happened. I don’t want to fuel the fire but I’d be pretty ticked at the salon too – hiring someone who doesn’t know what their doing and is so unprofessional on many levels as well as the other stylists that just left you…

    Hope you get it fixed asap!

    • ourlifeinaction

      No worries Crystal – this fire is roaring already. 😉 The worst part is finding the time to sit in a stylist chair for another two hours. Between work, taking care of my little man and my husband going to school….spare time is a luxery that I don’t always have. I’ll keep you posted on my troublesome locks.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 😀

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