Let’s Talk Turkey

On Thursday, November 22 is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. As you all may (or may not know) I am from Canada; we celebrated our Thanksgiving back in October. However, since my hubby is American I get double the turkey.

No complaints here – I LOVE me some turkey!!

Besides spending time with friends and family, my favorite part is stuffing yourself full of turkey and then of course the deserts. Pumpkin pie is a must, and pecan, and apple…..who am I kidding – I love them all!

Here is a cute twist on a Thanksgiving treat:

Source: stiesthoughts.blogspot.com

Or a waffle cone cornucopia, perfect for when you are stuffed beyond belief but still craving something sweet. 😉

Source: Make Life Delicious

Of course following that is Black Friday. I have only been out shopping on Black Friday once…….NEVER AGAIN! That is just a little too hard core for me.

What are plans for this Thanksgiving? Anyone going to brave the malls on Black Friday?


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