Mirror, Mirror

…on the wall. Who’s the handiest one of all. 😉 Modified it for all you diy’ers out there.

Okay ladies and gents – let’s get down to business; mirror hanging business if you have yet to catch on.

Slowly but surely I am starting to take items out of boxes and hang them on the walls. The worst part of hanging pictures (or mirrors) is that moment when you place the nail in the wall and realize that you are off center or just don’t like where it is positioned. That ‘fear’ is what kept my walls bare, until now.

I found a handy little trick on YHL that takes most of the guess work out of hanging pictures. Let’s test it out, shall we.

You will need your picture/mirror, a tape measure, a piece of scrap paper, nails and a hammer.

Next cut the paper to match the size of the picture or mirror that you are planning on hanging.

Measure the distance of the tab on the back of the mirror. Then mark that on the paper.

Using a small piece of tape, place the pieces of paper on the wall where you plan on hanging the mirrors. This will allow you to easily move pieces around until you decide on the perfect positioning.

Once it looks good, hammer the nail through the paper where you made a mark to symbolize the tab. That sounds so confusing but hopefully you will get the ‘picture’ 😉 when you look at picture below.

Now tear away the paper and hang up your pictures/mirrors.

This method made hanging these mirrors so much easier. And for the person that is as indecisive as I am, this allowed me to sit there and move things around to my heart’s content until I decided on the perfect spot.

So what do you think? Any of you motivated to give it a try?


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