Christmas Countdown

With Thanksgiving being over the holiday rush is in full swing. We still have decorating to do (that is a constant in our house), presents to buy, and lessons to teach. After all, the holiday season (whether it be Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever) isn’t all about presents but rather about family, being grateful for what you receive, and giving to those around you.

As I attempt to teach that lesson to my little man, I realize a more immediate lesson is lurking in the wings: how many days until Christmas. It would seem that with every snowfall or Christmas cartoon, my little man believes (or hopes) that that is the signal that tomorrow is Christmas. After the umpteenth failure attempt to explain it to him, I thought there must be an easier way.

I had planned on recreating this cute idea (from Pintrest) where you open an ornament a day until Christmas (who knows…I may still do that).

Then there is this idea (which was sent home by JBear’s daycare) is inexpensive and easy enough so we thought we would give it a try.

This is how you do it (super simple). Think up a 24 of cute ideas of things to do for Christmas. These may range from singing carols in the living room to making hot chocolate and using a candy cane to stir it. There are so many cute ideas and I can definitely see this turning into Christmas traditions. Then print them onto a label sheet.

Next, cut different coloured chart paper into strips; red, green, and white for example.

Stick a label on to each piece of coloured paper. We did this as a family and looked at the calendar to see which idea would work best on which day. For example, camp out by the Christmas tree was one we saved for a weekend.

Next curl the paper into a circle and either staple or glue the ends together. Then do the same thing for the next piece and so on, interchanging colours and hooking them all together so they make a chain.

This idea is a great way to create/continue family traditions as well as a great way for little ones to count down to Christmas. Bonus, this is also a way for parents to stay sane over the holidays because you child won’t continuously ask you if tomorrow is Christmas. 😉

It looks like my little man approves.

What do you think? Is this something you would try? Do you have a great way to count down to Christmas?

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