Statistical Pain

This week I am joyfully taking a class on six sigma and hopefully when all is said and done I will be a Green Belt.  For all of you who haven’t heard of six sigma, it is basically a course on compiling and analyzing data in an attempt to streamline performance and lower costs. It has a lot to do with statistics and since my degree is in Sociology you can imagine how fun this is for me.

Of course I tend to look at things a little differently and find the humor in things in the most inappropriate times. For example, our class of 20-30 people were broken down into groups. As we went around and introduced ourselves, one of our group members felt it pertinent that she let us know she had her PhD in Statistics. My initial reaction was “okay”….notice how I said initial reaction, that is because she then proceeded to tell us three more times that morning and during a break go and “whisper” it to the instructor. At some point that crosses over from informing to bragging. So of course, noticing this trend, I started to secretly record how many times she would inform us that she had her PhD in Statistics.

Day 1 = 7 times

Sure it may not be mature but it helped pass the time.

If you didn’t find that funny, here are some funnies that tie into my course taking. Enjoy!

P.S. – Reader be warned, the last one has some swearing in it but it fit so perfectly I just had to add it in.

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