OMG! Dec. 21st

2:36 – Oh yeah baby….still here! Let’s keep the laughs going and share the love. I read this post and snorted cuz it was so funny (not a good thing to do at work, so I had to cover up my laugh-snort with pretend cough-sneeze) Keep on keepin on!

UPDATE: still kickin it…;-) no end of the world yet….and you all have to check out this site (Wave at the busit is HILARIOUS!

I totally forgot!!! Today is December 21st……the last day of the Mayan calendar……the day that the world is supposed to end according to some interpretations of the Mayan Calendar. The fact that I totally forgot that today may be the end of the world or that I am currently sitting at my desk rather than with family seems like an odd reaction.

So I am praying that the alternative interpretation of the Mayan calendar, that this date symbolizes a rebirth rather than an ending, is more accurate. Either way, there is not much I can do so if we are going to go out or start anew, let’s do it right…..

LOL – yeah I wish….;-)

OMG!! Do any of you remember these? Ahhh the good old days….

Random funny story goes along with the picture below…..getting ready to get in the shower this morning, turned on the hot water and saw the UGLIEST brown spider I have seen in a long time. What made it worse…it was the kind of spider that runs super-fast (UGH!!! grosses me out just thinking about it) Anyways, I spent about 20 minutes trying to rinse it down the drain….that was a stubborn little guy. I was left with only 5 minutes max to shower….even then I was so grossed out about the thought of it crawling back up the drain that it literally took me like 3 minutes tops. THEY NASTY!!! 😉

This is something I would do…

This gets funnier the longer you look at it

This is so silly but it made me laugh:

Just in case you didn’t know……

Hope everyone survives the end of the world 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!! And remember….do a random act of kindness, you just never know how much it may help.

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