Magic Coconut Oil

As Jason and I tackled the cleaning/rearranging of our kitchen, we found that we had quite the collection of duplicate spices, etc. Hidden among the bottles and bottles of spices, I found two jars of coconut oil.

Not willing to waste, I searched the web on the many, many, many uses of coconut oil. I had  heard that coconut oil is good for your skin but I was amazed at how many other uses it had. For example:

  • After applying your makeup, if you brush as small amount over the tops of your cheek bones you can use it as a brightener
  • You can use it as body lotion, makeup remover, or to shave your legs
  • It is also a great deep conditioning treatment for your hair

Since I had two jars of the stuff, I thought, why not try some of these out and report back on whether or not it works as good as everyone says.

Trial#1: Hair Deep Conditioner

What you’ll need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • bowl
  • spoon


Step 1: Take out two spoons for coconut oil and place it in a mircrowavable dish (you may need more or less depending on your hair length).


Step 2: Microwave the oil so it changes from a solid to a liquid form. Be careful not to boil the oil, this could hurt your hair more than it helps. You basically want it to be warm.



Step 3: Brush out your hair then apply the oil to it. Massage into your hair and scalp then secure hair on top of your head. You should leave this on your hair for 30 minutes prior to showering. For better results, message into hair, wrap hair in a plastic shower cap or bag (so it doesn’t get on your pillow) and let it work it’s magic overnight.

Step 4: Wash out and style.

Here is my before and after pictures:

Before: My hair felt limp and lifeless. It also looked stringy to me.


After: definitely shinier; looks and feels thicker as well.


Verdict – this stuff definitely works wonders on your hair. It not only makes your hair crazy soft but it feels like it revitalized it as well. Two washes later, my hair still feels great.

Do any of you use Coconut Oil? What tips or trick would you like to share?

Side note: Julie informed me that I look so serious in my pictures (thanks Julie 😉 ) so I will do my best to crack a smile in future photos. 😀 Stay tuned for some afternoon funnies to help us get over the hump. 😀


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