More Lovey Dovey

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s is that you have a great excuse to get all smoochy-lovey-dovey-romantic and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Actually, it is quite the opposite, DIY décor and gifts are so much more romantic than those bought in the store. So, let’s continue on with some more DIY décor and gifts that caught my eye.

This looks like a super cute DIY project. Not quite sure how they did it but a spin on this would be to use bottle caps for the count down. The could be hung on a tiny little hook and on the inside of each could say ‘hug’, or ‘kiss’ or pretty much anything depending on how risqué you want to get. 😉


Of course, with every passing season or holiday, you need a wreath. Yes, I will use any excuse to cutesy up my front door. 😉


Here is a cute picture idea I am planning on doing with JBear….oh just thought of a sweet take on this. You could take a picture (like the one below) of a loved one (kid or significant other) blowing hearts. Take another picture with a loved one (kid or significant other) facing the opposite direction with a net (to catch the hearts). Frame each and put them side by side. Oh yeah….this is happening!


This is precious and doesn’t look like it would be super hard to make. Definitely a DIY project perfect for Valentines.


Since JBear is in preschool, I have been trying to think of some cute ideas he can give to his classmates. This idea seems pretty inexpensive and I am sure will be a hit. Buy some bouncy balls at a dollar store then print off a bunch of clever valentines labels and voila, kids will “have a ball” with these (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 ).


Here is a cute idea, DIY chalkboard mug. Every morning you can write a cute little message on the mug such as “be mine” or “I love you”.


Stay tuned for some Wednesday funnies to help us get over the hump!


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One response to “More Lovey Dovey

  • now at home mom

    Oh! these are all great ideas! 🙂 I like the DIY chalkboard mug, it looks easy to make but the one I truly love is the DIY Countdown, it’s beautiful, I would love to create my own version, hum, thank you for sharing this pic , I might do one if I have time 🙂

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