Romantic Little Touches

You guys didn’t think I was done with all this lovey dovey stuff did ya? Nope, not even close.  We still have 14 more days (not counting today) to get in the spirit and enjoy a little romance.

I don’t have a lot of Valentine Decorations and in my opinion, there is no need to race off to the store and buy every red/pink heart-shaped decoration that crosses your path. Simply highlight those objects in your house that revolve around love, or DIY some cute little accessories that can stay out year round. For example, how cute, romantic and easy would this be to make? And bonus is that you can leave it out all year round.

Pinned Image


I absolutely love this. Again, another idea that you can leave out all year round; add this to your flower bed or hand it on a wall.

Pinned Image


This is a cute project you can do if you have kids or not. I mean who doesn’t love to play with paint and create a really cute art piece.  You can modify this so many different ways, such as flick paint on it with a brush. The sky is the limit here.

Pinned Image


And finally, below is one of my favorites. Again, another cute DIY project that can be left up all year round and definitely something that I would love hanging on my wall.

Pinned Image


Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day prep.


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