Pin Up Girl Collaboration

As you may have remembered in a previous post I teamed  up with Anouchka from Life of Bun  to do a makeup collaboration. definitely check out her page, her look is beautiful!

Here is how our collaboration worked, I chose a topic/look and we both do our take on it. There were so many awesome ones to choose from but for my first collaboration I finally settled on 1940’ish Pin Up Girl look.

I also decided to do this via video and pictures which is a first for me. So rather than rattle on, let’s get right too it. Again, this is my first video so be kind. 😉



And now for the videos….ahhhh I’m SO nervous. One quick note, the video was super long so I had to break it down into part one and part two.

I will update this post with colours I used from the smash box palate.  Have a happy Monday!


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