Yummy In My Tummy

Let’s talk food, shall we? The big day is 8 days a way people – THIS IS A CODE RED!!!!!! Get it…..code red….valentines…..hehehehe.

Seriously though, the planning can’t stop with pretty decorations, nice nails or a super cute outfit. We need to think about dinner, or lunch, or breakfast in bed, or all three for that matter.

I don’t know about you guys but I am doing my best to try to get healthy, lose some pounds, and change the way I eat. That doesn’t mean that you either fall off the wagon on Valentines Day or have a boring meal. Healthy meals can be filling and fun. Don’t believe me?  Let me prove you wrong.


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Or how about this:

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Source: http://pinterest.com/ourlifeinaction/healthy-food/

Both these super easy breakfasts are 300 calories or less!


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Source: http://pinterest.com/ourlifeinaction/healthy-food/

This super filling wrap is packed with protein to keep you feeling full and only 325 calories.


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Source: http://pinterest.com/ourlifeinaction/healthy-food/

This seared steak with eggplant saute is only 500 calories.

And of course, a romantic dessert: Strawberry Banana Creams

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Source: http://pinterest.com/ourlifeinaction/healthy-food/

The best part of these low-cal creamy strawberry poppers is that one serving of eight stuffed strawberries contains only 150 calories.

All these ideas gives you an approximate daily calorie intake of 1,275; not too bad if I do say so myself.  

So did I make a believer out of you?

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