Stuffed Chicken Breast

I can’t say I absolutely love cooking because in all honesty I am not that great at it. But sometimes the planets align just right and I am able to pull off a pretty good meal.

In an attempt to stay healthy and change-up the way I cook chicken, I decided to try my hand at stuffed chicken breasts.

Let’s get right to it.

First step, pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.

Next, I prepared the “stuffing”. I used frozen spinach however fresh spinach would work great also.SONY DSC

I added some parmesan cheese, a diced onion, and about a half cup of seasoned stuffing to the mix. Normally I would have bypassed the stuffing but we had some on hand so I figured ‘what the heck, let’s get fancy’. 😉 


Next came the stress relief part. Place a chicken breast between two pieces of celafane or clear wrap and use tenderizer (aka stress relief hammer) to flattened that baby out. Take a hand full of the stuffing mixture and spread it on the flattened piece of chicken then roll.


Since the chicken breast were fairly large I cut each in half and repeated the process. Line a pan with tin foil (this makes cleanup a snap) and place each piece in the pan. I sprinkled each piece of chicken with the stuffing mix I had left over, then added a pinch of salt and black pepper to season.


You don’t need to spray anything on the tinfoil, nor do you need to cover. Put them in the oven and bake. I kept checking on them until they looked like they were done, then placed the pan on the stove and let it sit there for 5 minutes. I heard that it is good to let meat “rest” after you cook it, and besides, this also allows the chicken to cool which helps you avoid burning your mouth (which I always seem to do).


I am trying to have more veggies on my plate than meat so I paired this with carrots, corn and peas. Let’s take a closer look shall we?



We had enough leftovers to make lunch for me and my hubby. I sliced up the chicken and laid it on a bed of iceberg lettuce and diced green peppers; this gave a new twist on the salads we usually have at lunch.


Since my hubby also has a late night class, I made sure to pack some chicken, carrots, peas, and corn for his dinner that night. Great ‘brain food’ he could heat up and munch on between classes.

This keeps money in our wallets since we won’t be buying lunch and he won’t have to buy dinner. And that little added bonus makes this meal that much better. 😀


To sum up – out of four chicken breasts, and other ingredients I found in our pantry, we were able to whip up a meal to feed three people for dinner, two lunches, and a leftover dinner the following night. Not to shabby if I say so myself. 🙂

Have you ever made stuffed chicken? What do you use or pair it with?


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9 responses to “Stuffed Chicken Breast

  • now at home mom

    Yummy! this plate looks delicious and love your tutorial too! The last 3 pictures look great, I would love to have some of this (spinach: great idea) 🙂 I think, I will need to prepare chicken breast for this evening 🙂

  • Cowboys and Crossbones

    I’ve never made stuffed chicken but I am planning on it now! Great pics and post!

    • ourlifeinaction

      Aww thanks! Trust me, it is really easy and you can pretty much use whatever you want for “stuffing” like mushrooms and cheddar cheese, or ricotta….the sky is the limit so go to town.

      P.S. – did you notice the bottom of the wine glass in the pictures? Wine was also essential in the preparation of this dish ;-)….makes for a happy cook.

  • simplyeclecticlife

    I love stuffed chicken breasts. I usually use spinach an Italian cheese mix, then smother the breasts in a creamy saucy (Alfredo or creamy basil sauce). The sauce doesn’t help the healthy factor though so sometimes I opt to skip the smothering and season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper & garlic powder and sprinkle some more cheese on top before cooking. Delish & a nice change-up from the same old take of chicken breasts.

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