Peanut Butter Boats

This post is a quickie but goodie….I have found that if you give healthy snacks a fun little title, kids are more likely to eat them.

My little man is was not a fan of celery. He would say that those stringy things were celery hair and we do not eat hair! 

One day he was begging for a snack. Jake and the Neverland Pirates were on Disney Jr. and inspiration struck. I had just the thing that would be perfect for this occasion….Peanut Butter Pirate Ships.

Since we only had crunchy peanut butter, I told him that the crunchy nuts was hidden pirates treasure.


He was sold instantly! He grabbed that piece of celery and began chomping away.


Things got a little messy so I decided to modify the pirate ship into tiny little pirate boats. These bite sized goodies didn’t last long and have become a go-to snack that is often requested by my little man.


Between you and I – they are super tasty and great snacks for adults too. 😉 Happy munching!


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