I interrupt your regular hump day humor with a brief post on cuteness and the simple joys of childhood.

For anyone who has followed this blog, you know that my little JBear (aka Batman, aka Spiderman, aka Two-Face) loves his superheros.


spidey1 twoface

He actually has a ‘trunk’ that holds most of his superhero disguises (FYI – I got a stern talking to from him the other day for saying costumes….that my friends is a big no no. 😉


Anyway, he has recently added Thor to his repertoire as seen below. Please excuse that Batman shirt and make-shift cape, but this worked in a pinch. 😉


Although I have yet to master the Thor cape (that is in the works), the hubby and I teamed up to make an awesome Thor hammer which is a crucial element in deeming whether or not you are worthy (or as JBear puts it “worly”).

Quick side note for all of you who don’t know what I am talking about…FYI, only Thor is worthy enough to lift his hammer. I gave it my all but apparently I was not worthy and therefore could not lift the mighty hammer.

Here is a super quick run through of how we made it. We got a small box, a wooden stick that fell of a loofah (it was fate) and a lot of duct tape.

Step 1: Stabilize the stick in the box.


Step 2: Add newspaper to further stabilize the stick in the box (yeah, this is pretty technical stuff ;-))


Step 3: Tape the box shut.


Step 4: Duct tape time. Get to work and wrap the entire box in duct tape.


Step 5: Find ‘sacred’ Thor symbol on internet and draw it on hammer using a sharpie.




Step 6: Surprise time!


As you can see, he couldn’t even wait to get out of his Spiderman costume and went straight into Thor character….hence Spider-Thor!!!


Stay tuned for more superhero fun! I sense a riddle in our future 😉

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