Crock Pot Chicken

We are definitely a family on the go. When you add work, school, and volunteering, blogging and then driving up to Canada on weekends, we barely have time to go grocery shopping let alone cook a warm meal each night.

So I leave a lot of the cooking to my personal chef. Oh you don’t have one? That’s a shame. 😉

C.P. is wonderful, all you have to do is provide the ingredients and when you get home you have a warm, home cooked meal, waiting for you.  Okay, I let C.P take it from here. Hehehehe – sometimes I find myself very amusing. 😉


Here is another fast and fabulous meal so grab your crock pot and let’s get cookin!

Step 1: Layer some dry stuffing mix on the bottom of the crock pot.



Step 2: Roughly chop up an onion (or two) and layer it on top of the stuffing mix.


Step 3: Rince and pat dry your chicken. As you can tell, I went for the chicken thighs that were on sale (99 cents/pound….dazzel me baby!)


Layer your chicken on top of the onions and sprinkle with seasoning. You can add your own special blend. Here I just used dome steak seasoning I had in the cupboard and it worked great.


Step 4: Layer some onions on top and cover.


I set this on low and let it cook all day while I was at work. When I got home, I was greated by a delish aroma that made my mouth water. This is what it looked like….look at all those juices. 


I ended up draining the juices into a container and used for chicken stock in a soup. Then I ‘fluffed’ up the stuffing with a fork and dug in.


Do you use a crock pot or have any super easy crock pot recipes that you favor?

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