Easter Egg Fun

This year, we are planning a huge….HUGE Easter egg hunt at my mom’s. Mixed into that will be my mom’s legendary Easter dinner followed by a Wii Dance Revolution competition, some more birthday cake from my sister (and you thought I was joking about the whole birthday week celebration…nope, I wasn’t), and I am sure a variety of silly shenanigans that I will just have to blog about next week. 😉

However before we even get to my mom’s we still have a lot of prep work to get done. Last night I made up a batch of super-busy-mom cookies. 😉 My camera battery went dead before I could load the pictures onto my computer so that post will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime here is a sneak peek:


Tonight we will be painting Easter eggs. There will be the traditional dyed eggs, similar to these:


And maybe some more extravagant, some may even say super Easter eggs that is more my little man’s speed:

Pinned Image


How cool are those?! I may be more excited to paint these than JBear.

Why stop there? I saw this jelloy egg goodness on Pinterest and thought ‘why not?’.

Pinned Image


And last but not least, I need to make something for JBear to take to school and share with his friends. He is such a sweet kid, and every time any holiday rolls around he just loves to bring in goodies for the class. So I am torn between these two ideas (toys or treats).

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


What are you planning on doing for Easter? Any fun egg decorating ideas you thinking of trying?

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