Whine About It Wednesday

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Sometimes you just need to vent. You don’t want to have a conversation, you don’t want feedback or advice, you definitely don’t want someone telling you to be positive or cheer up…..you just want to complain and vent about something that drives you nuts. Hence Whine About It Wednesday; hey the title has a nice flow to it so I just went with it. 😉

So I figured, in the spirit of being healthy in both mind and body, we’re going to try a vent session. This is open to anyone who just needs to get something off their chest.

Here is a good one…seriously have people lost their manners?

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That drives me nuts! 

And this is a complaint my hubby would have….;-)

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Now it is your turn…feel free to vent, whine, and/or complain. If all goes well, who knows, this may be a Wednesday tradition. 🙂

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