Tone It Up Tuesday: Getting Started

I long to be healthy and in shape. I was there once and let it all slip through my pizza-eating-hands. So how do I get back there?

In my head, everything plays out perfectly…I wake up super early, put on my sweats, turn up the tunes and go out for a run. The kind of run you see in motivational posters.

In reality, things are a little different. Okay a lot different. I wake up at around 5 or 5:30ish….plenty of time to get in a 30 minute run, shower and then prep for work. I make a cup of coffee while my brain is screaming…GET DRESSED!!! GET EXERCISING!!!! I plop down on the couch and flip open my laptop….again my brain is yelling “YOU IDIOT!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! GET….get… pinterest!:” and voila…exercise averted.

It has now come down to the wise ol’ saying “poop or get off the pot” (you know what I mean….had to keep that PG13 😉 ). Regardless of how I get into shape, I need to get started and at least do something.

So here are a couple of ways I am going to utilize to get started and stay on the path to getting healthy.

  • Commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise. The exercises below are a great example of what you can do at home without any equipment. So if your excuse is that you aren’t a part of a gym or don’t have any equipment……sorry – it won’t fly today. 😉


  • Reward yourself for a great workout. I’m thinking of a delicious and nutritious smoothie.  This mango yogurt smoothie would make 30 minutes of working out worth it for sure.


  • Get some kick butt music that motivates you to push yourself.  One song that I recently fell in love with is  Good Feeling by Flo Rida. Every time I hear this song or see the video I want to get up and work out.

  • And most importantly, do not get discouraged. As my sister always tells me, the weight didn’t come on overnight so it won’t fall off overnight. Persistence is the key.



Do you workout? How do you motivate yourself to workout?

Are you go to start this journey with me? How does this sound….for all of us that are embarking on this journey, let’s do a weekly roll call on Tone Up Tuesdays so we can motivate each other to keep going and share our progress, tips, and tricks. How many of you are with me?

Let’s get pumped and get moving.



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14 responses to “Tone It Up Tuesday: Getting Started

  • Healthy Glow Nutrition

    I love your post! I think we can all relate in one way or another. I used to work out at least 5 days a week and watched my diet carefully. This winter for me has been the toughest by far. I have fallen off the gym addict wagon and just as you did this post, are trying to make steps to getting my motivation back. I am in for motivation Tuesdays and everyday for that matter 🙂 Good luck and congrats for getting started. I know for me personally, the first week is the toughest.

  • Crystal - 29 Rue House

    You can do it Gabriella! I try to go for a walk everyday during the work day – it helps and I also have to just stay off the laptop in the mornings. I’ll get stuck on it and won’t get the cleaning that I’m suppose to do done before work (e.g. vacuum, clean the bathrooms, put the dishes away etc…). DON’T OPEN THE LAPTOP!! 🙂 LOL

    • ourlifeinaction

      LOL!!! I know what you mean…it’s like I can hear it calling to me. My new tactic is to lay out my clothes the night before and put the laptop in a totally different room so I don’t see it on my way to the treadmill or front door. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  • simplyeclecticlife

    I go through cycles of being totally motivated & then I fall off the radar for a bit…making getting motivated again very challenging. I’m currently in the ‘off the radar’ stage of this cycle & have been sitting at my desk for the last hour convincing myself that today is the day, I HAVE to hit the gym.
    I tend to start the slump when the weather gets nice.
    Inspired by your post, I WILL get to the gym today & I will check back in next week with this team!

    Good luck getting movin’ everyone!!!

  • Inspired By Family Mag

    I am totally with you as I pop chocolate kisses in my mouth, lol. Seriously, I have been trying to eat better.

  • now at home mom

    You go girl! You are strong, you can do this! 🙂 but I understand you choosing Pinterest instead of exercise (I’m there!), if you exercise 30 minutes, you will be very happy with yourself and that mango yogurt smoothie looks so good! Before, I got pregnant I used to run 5 days a week and log in at least 50K per week, then I got pregnant, I had Nate, then I got lazy, then I got hungry and more lazy. So, today I don’t exercise, I know I should but I have no more discipline or motivation! it’s important I know but after long days with Nate I’m too tired (it’s no excuse) … anyhow, I wish you a lot of success in this! 🙂

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