The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

I stumbled upon this blog and thought it was a perfect addition for Thirsty Thursdays so I had to share. Stay hydrated and healthy.

Dr Akilah - Celestial Healing Wellness Center

Many people often love the tarty flavor of lemon juice in their dishes. But have you ever wondered that you can put this lemon juice to many more good uses than this? Yes! There are enormous benefits of lemon juice and water in your everyday life. You simply need to arm yourself with relevant knowledge and you would soon start valuing this amalgamation more than ever.

Lemon is an inexpensive, easily available citrus fruit, popular for its culinary and medicinal uses. It is used to prepare a variety of food recipes such as lemon cakes, lemon chicken and beverages like lemonade and lemon-flavored drinks. It is also used for garnishing. Lemon juice consists of about 5% citric acid that gives a tarty taste to lemon. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamins like vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium as well as…

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5 responses to “The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

  • now at home mom

    YAY! I drink lemon water! I will go and prepare me some more now! 😉 I just finished reading it to hubby and tried to convince him to drink some! thanks for sharing! btw, I really love your new header, I noticed it yesterday, I had seen the side bar before and I really liked it but missed your new header; it’s really nice! don’t know how I had missed it!

    • ourlifeinaction

      So glad you liked it 🙂 I just kept staring at it for the first couple of days LOL – little touches like this makes this blog feel more like my own.

      P.S. – had a big ol’ glass of lemon water too. DELISH!

  • LifeOfBun

    Hmmm… I love lemons, didn’t know lemon water was so good for you though. ^_^ My boyfriend’s mom adds lemon to boiled water, with honey when she feels something coming on.

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