Sunday Sum Up

This weekend I went north (to Canada) to help my mom.  It was absolutely beautiful. Everything was a rich green, trees were in bloom and the new born baby goat was so cute I just had to share.

Of course, the weekend can’t officially start without some superhero fun. So we began the morning with some face-paint here is our impromptu version of Two Faced.

iphone pictures 217

Now back to the cute baby goat. She was adorable and so soft. My mom let little JBear have the honors of naming her, and with much thought and deliberation she  earned the name Lucky Charms.

iphone pictures 226

She was so precious, my little sister couldn’t help but get in the mix and pick up Lucky.

iphone pictures 233

Next we checked out the rabbits and each of them earned a superhero name courtesy of JBear. This is Thor and Batman.

iphone pictures 235

Then we ran into Baby Girl and to our surprise, it looked like she was expecting a litter herself.

iphone pictures 222

All in all it was a great weekend. Hope yours was as well. See you all tomorrow for some motivation on a Monday.

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