Thirsty Thursday – Coffee vs. Tea

I can’t lie, I love my coffee….I mean love, love, love my coffee.


I’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to coffee but is it all true? Is coffee good or bad? Is tea better for you?


I think the key is moderation and of course what you put into your coffee. If you load it with artificial sweeteners, cream, etc. then perhaps the bad outweighs the good.

I have cut my coffee intake WAY down, I allow myself one spendiferous  cup in the morning and then if I long for a warm beverage in the afternoon, I have a cup to tea. And yes, I made “spendiferous” up…it is the only way I can express my love for coffee)

Speaking of tea, Green tea is super good for you in so many ways and a big bonus is that it helps you lose weight. Oh yeah, this just moved up on my list.





For those of you, who don’t like coffee or tea, don’t fret. 🙂 I have a warm beverage that may be right up your alley; hot cocoa. This tasty treat actually has the same benefits of dark chocolate and anytime you can incorporated chocolate into your diet, you count me in!



Remember, everything in moderation. Enjoy your Thursday and keep hydrated.


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9 responses to “Thirsty Thursday – Coffee vs. Tea

  • megbek

    I wish I enjoyed tea but the thought/smell/taste of it absolutely sickens me. It’s a travesty really. Thankfully, I drink copious amounts of coffee black so i don’t load it up on sugar (although the occasional trip to Starbucks begs to differ).

  • Teresa

    Oh I am a coffee lover… I can drink tea, I just don’t. My husband on the other hand is an avid tea drinker. I really should mix it up, but man, oh man, I love me some coffee.

    I did find a post a while back on mixing coffee with coconut milk and cocoa powder that I have gotten hooked on… and that has some great benefits!

  • now at home mom

    Coffee, coffee please! 🙂 I prefer coffee than tea! but I admit I should go for green tea instead, I would love to loose weight! 🙂 Friday is almost here! 🙂 YAY!

  • marisaporter

    I totally love both coffee and tea (though I was 29? 30? before my first cup of coffee!), so I have two cups of coffee in the morning and two cups of tea in the afternoon. Or I reverse it. Or I have more. Whatever! I don’t really limit myself. 🙂 I just try to drink 3-4 cups of water (horrible, huh?), but white tea is pretty much like water (I tell myself) and I usually have about 4 cups of that. So I should be good! Not sure what kind of comment this was.

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