Tweet! Tweet! Tea

It is finally time to unveil my submission in the Spring Edition of the Pinterest Challenge.

It all came together when my little man told me how much he loves watching all the little birdies flying around. So I thought, why not make a bird feeder so we can watch them up close. But a regular bird feeder just wouldn’t do; we needed a spectacular Pinterest Challenge birdfeeder……a Tweet! Tweet! Tea cup bird feeder.

The beautiful weather brought yard sales and that meant bargain hunting for supplies. I bought these beauties for $1.00/set of 4.


Since these would be out side in the elements I needed some extra strong glue that was rain resistant. This Gorilla epoxy sets in 5 minutes, holds 3300 PSI (just in case our tea-cup bird feeders are a success and the birdies invite all their friends for a tea party), and it is water-resistant; it’s perfect!

Before I glued everything together I laid it out and made sure I it was how I wanted it.


Then I took sand paper (or sand block) and sanded the back of the spoon, the corner of the cup and plate to create a rough surface for the glue to adhere to.



Following the instructions for the epoxy I deposited a bit in a clear clean container and stirred it together until the colour was uniform.


Then I applied some of the sticky concoction to the bottom of the spoon and placed it on the plate.


 I repeated this to adhere the tea-cup to the plate.



When working with Gorilla epoxy, here are a couple of key things to remember.

  • be sure to hold these in place for approx. 5 minutes so the glue can set
  • do you best not to get any on your fingers
  • and most importantly, do freak out if you almost glue your fingers to the plate (long clumsy story that I’ll save for another day 😉 )

After letting our tea-cup bird feeder sit for 24 hours to make sure that the glue fully dried, it was time to add the main ingredient and test this beauty out.


We scattered these throughout our yard and I must say, they looked so unique and pretty. And although I wasn’t able to get a picture of birds testing out these feeders, I will let you know they were a success.




If you haven’t gotten a chance, scoot over and see all the submissions at YoungHouseLove, BowerPower, Sparkle Meets Pop, and Red Bird Blue. You can also click here to see what inspired me. Happy DIY’ing. 🙂

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