Tone It Up Tuesday – Planking


Do you love it or hate it? Either way, there is no denying that Planking is a valuable exercise in toning.

Each time I attempt to plank, one question (and a lot of cursing) goes through my mind…WHY MUST I PLANK?!



This diagram below is the best illustration I’ve seen to date which shows exactly what muscles are toned by Planking. And now that I answered the question “why do I have to Plank”, I can devote my full attention to my cursing as I Plank. 😉



And, of course, there is a right way and wrong way to Plank. The goal here is to increase the amount of torture you’re in (just kidding but not really) while toning your core muscles, shoulders, glutes, etc.


Apparently, I have mastered the incorrect way to plank and now have to start over and do it correctly.


Let me tell you, when doing the plank correctly, you can really feel each and every one of those muscles being used; and you’ll feel those muscles for days! 😉





All joking aside, Planking works. It’s not easy and may suck while you’re doing it but it works. 

A good way to remember if you are doing it right or wrong is as follows….if it’s easy then it’s wrong. If you feel the burn than it’s right. 🙂


Oh and one more thing…


So I have decided to boycott my scale. From now on I am going to monitor my success based on how well my clothes fit not the number on the scale.


Share your thoughts. Do you like or LOVE planking? 😉 Oh and definitely check out One Fit Widow, this lady has a ton of great info to share. 



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