All Those Pretty Flowers

I wanted to take a step back and show you all the new improvements going on around the house.

Here is our yard mid-beautification. We re-seeded the lawn and put some straw over it which really takes away from the beautification process. 😦

But with some persistent watering, we had high hopes that the lawn would spring up in no time and that  lovely yellowish brown straw would be but a memory.

Next on our list was flowers, and a lot of them. Rather than spending a boat load of cash on flowers at a nursery, we decided to take a morning trip up to Amish country and get our flowers there. The sky looked dark and gloomy but that wasn’t going to stop us. So I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door.

We stopped at a little (and I mean TINY) diner in heart of Penn Yann. after chowing down on blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon and a cup of hot coffee we were good to go again.

Of course we had to weave superheros into this trip somehow. So as we waited for our bill, little man drew this portrait of Superman. I loved it so much I just had to take a pick and post it to Instagram.


Finally, we got to shop for flowers, and shop we did. We went a little overboard, but the price was just right and I couldn’t resist adding all this colour to our bare flowerbeds.

Now comes the fun part – planting!! You can click here to see my take on a ombre tipsy top planter. Stay tuned to see our next round off outdoor beautification.

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