I Spy A Silloetta Of A Bird

I was hoping that my DIY tea-cup bird feeders would draw in birds but this is ridiculous!SONY DSC

Do you remember all that straw we had on our front lawn when we re-seeded?


Well apparently it didn’t go un-noticed by our local robin who must have thought that straw was specifically for her. Opening the screen door, I stood there in shock. At first I thought someone had played a joke on us and just threw the straw up on our porch and fan. Then I saw her little head pop up. She must have worked all night bringing mud, straw, string, etc. up onto our porch and fan. Now what do we do?

Jason took a closer look and determined she was in the gathering phase of the nest (it hadn’t taken shape yet) so we pondered our choices. Being dive bombed by a mother robin every time you come up on the front porch didn’t seem like a good idea.  And since there were a plethora of trees around the house we decided to remove the straw off the fan and front porch in hopes that she would get the hint and relocate to the big maple in the back yard. 

I won’t deny she was a little pissed for most of the morning, I could hear her angry tweets as she flew by and could only imagine what she was saying. 

So I am now thinking, a DIY bird house is in order. A peace-offering to Mrs. Robin in hopes that there are no hard feelings (and angry bird dive bombings against yours truly).  So I am off to search for a cute DIY bird house. Do you have any ideas for a DIY bird house or perhaps a good angry bird story? Please share, I would love to hear it.


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