Weekend Roundup: Magnetic Cups and Hair Cuts

Hi gang! How was your weekend? Mine was productive even in the sweltering heat. Yes that’s right, I complain about cold and hot temperatures, rain, lack of rain….pretty much all types of weather.LOL!

In addition to working on my sunburn as I tended to our ever-expanding flowerbed, I was able to cram in a quick DIY project.  I am always looking for different ways to help my little man become self-sufficient and on a hot day, that means being able to get a cold glass of water without yelling to me or his dad to get him one. Of course, I found a cute little project on Pinterest that was perfect for this.

Here is my take.

It wasn’t super fancy but it did the trick.  Of course, I will be making a couple more of these, and when I do, I’ll be using a stronger magnet.

Next came the family hair cuts – in this heat a buzz cut really does do the trick to cool you right down. We started off with my little man. 

Truth be told, he hates getting his hair cut because he can’t stand to feel the hair on his face, back, etc. Previously, we tried giving him a blow dryer to blow the hair away from his face as I cut it….boy did that make a mess. There ways hair all over our bathroom for weeks; not a good look.

This round I gave little man a mirror and cut his hair in funny ways making him giggle. (Side note – this is a fake-let’s-get-this-over-with smile).


I wish I could have taken some pics as I went but speed was a factor here.  When I was done he jumped right into the shower and was all smiles. (This is a thank-God-it’s-over-I-love-my-hair smile)


Next was Jason who made quick work of his own hair and only missed one little piece in the back. I was impressed.  And then the grand finale was me. That’s right I buzzed it right off without a thought.  I WISH!!! It is so stinkin hot that sometimes I end up cursing my shoulder length locks. But so far they have gotten a stay of execution…….for now. 😉

So what have you guys been up to this weekend? 

Stay tuned for some much-needed Monday motivation.

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5 responses to “Weekend Roundup: Magnetic Cups and Hair Cuts

  • Cowboys and Crossbones

    Little man is adorable! Love his new ‘do. And the cups are such a great idea! I moved the guts of my apartment all weekend, so you can imagine all the fun that was had…hee hee.

    • ourlifeinaction

      My sister did the same thing. I HATE MOVING! But I love the fresh new house/apartment feel. 🙂 Can’t wait to read all about it. DId you wear your cousin’s hat? 😉

      • Cowboys and Crossbones

        He didn’t get it to me in time BUT I am moving the rest of this week, so it may still be able to make an appearance. If not, I will stick it in my neighbor’s mailbox after I’m all moved out (and have my deposit back, of course…)!

  • now at home mom

    your boy has a great smile 🙂 he looks adorable in those pictures and very cute with his new hair cut! 🙂
    like the cups/magnets idea; something I should try for mine too! 🙂

    • ourlifeinaction

      That is such a time saver. I don’t have to worry about him turning on the hot water and burning himself, or falling off a stool, or me having to stop whatever I’m doing to get him a drink. He loves it too. Feels so independent. It’s great!

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