July 4th Countdown

On the heals of Canada, Day July 4th is quickly approaching and that means more party prepping. Where do I turn for ideas? Why, Pinterest of course. 😉

Since we are on a kick to be healthy, I don’t want to slow that down just because it’s a holiday. Here are some cool ways to enjoy the festivities with some healthy alternatives to the usual BBQ burger and beer.

Take this veggie burger and patriotic salad for example; they look delish if you ask me.

4th of July Recipes: Healthy Vegetarian Cookout Menu | Women's Health Food Blog: Get easy recipes, healthy food swaps, and cooking products

star spangles salad patriotic american 4th of july recipe july 4 july 4th fourth of july july 4th food ideas recipes fourth of july food ideas salad healthy healthy recipes

Or maybe ribs are more your style….mmmmmm ribs! Just remember, portion control and add more veggies to your plate then ribs.

Healthy July 4th Recipes: Ribs #AARPrecipes

And don’t forget to stay hydrated. On a hot day, a tall glass of ice tea really hits the spot. As of late I am in love with peach ice tea; I just can’t get enough.

sweet peach tea -       1 ounce tea leaves (Earl Grey or Darjeeling, about 1/3 cup loose tea or 7 bags)      1 lemon, sliced      1 piece ginger (about 2 inches), peeled and smashed      1 quart boiling water      8 cups ice cubes      2 peaches, peeled, pitted and diced      1/2 cup sugar      8 sprigs mint      1 peach, pitted and sliced 

Or how about this: blend chilled watermelon with coconut water, fresh lime and mint. So pretty!

Blend chilled watermelon with coconut water, fresh lime and mint. Healthy and DELICIOUS.

Whatever you may be drinking, adding some fruit filled festive ice cubes can keep it cool and pretty….it’s all about presentation people.

Make these delicious fun looking ice cubes with fruit, an ice cube tray, and water

And last but no least, the evening can’t be complete without something sweet.

Red, White, and Blue Parfaits        For a sweet treat that doesn't pack on the pounds, try this pretty parfait. Layer blueberries, low-fat vanilla yogurt, and strawberries in a tall glass; serve cold. For an alternative to vanilla yogurt, try strawberry or raspberry.

So whatever you guys decide to do this fourth of July, keep it healthy, keep if fun, keep it festive and keep it safe!


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