A Picture Story

I thought I would bring you up to date on all the happenings in my life via Instagram.  Last week we celebrated two holidays: Canada Day (July 1st) and the U.S.A’s Independence Day (July 4th). 

Our drive up to Canada was long and uneventful (which is not a bad thing in my books).

When we finally got to Toronto (around 9 p.m.) the city was lit up and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the Roger’s Center (formerly known as the Skydome back in the day).

There was so much fun during that weekend (which you can read about tomorrow) but what wasn’t fun was the drive back.  The traffic was horrible; look at all those red lights.

Amidst the bumper to bumper traffic, I realized how lucky I am that my little buddy is such a good sport. Our 5 hour drive turned into a 7 hour drive but he managed to entertain himself (and me) the entire ride.


July 4th fell on a Thursday this year so there wasn’t much partying going on since I had to work that Friday.  We still managed to make the best of it an with a tasty BBQ and a lot of much needed yard work.

This coal grill may look a little old but it still makes the best burgers south of the Canadian border.  Of course, my mom’s grill makes the best burgers north of the Canadian border. 🙂

Yard work on your day off? Why not. Here is a before picture of the back corner of our house. Not so pretty.

And here is an after picture. It looks so much better. Ahh, we are finally done with the mulch….or are we?

Of course little man pitched in and decided to wash the car while we worked on the flower bed. This looks like it may take a while.

But the weekend wasn’t all work. We did get out and enjoyed the fireworks going on around us and spent some time in the sweltering heat at the local fair. Here is a before picture…notice the smile.

I really think he had fun, however these picture may tell a different story. LOL – he is just so serious.  Naaa really, he was having a ball, I just happened to take pictures at the worst possible time.


So how was your weekend? Anyone capture some cool pics via Instagram?


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