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Time To Play

Live it up this weekend....

Ahh Bloody Hell

I know, I know…..I didn’t post any hump day humor. And I know you must be feeling a little like this….


I had every intention of posting the hump day funnies…HONEST!

Minion- Don't judge me...

If I can make you giggle, will you forgive me? 😉 Okay here it goes….




Works for me.

And after all that, if you didn’t even crack a smile, then I have one question for you….

im going to start saying this all the time

One more day baby!!!!! We got this!

Skipping Stones and Bonfires

This past weekend was the annual Mutual Aide campout. The weekend is chance for all the fire departments to get together and enjoy good food, good company and a lot of fun.

Here was our humble abode. Our tent was set up under a larger tent just in case it rained. 

SFD Camping 016

This was our view which was absolutely stunning. As you can see, Molly loved it as well. 🙂

SFD Camping 015

Since this was JBear’s first time camping, we induldged in all the camping traditions. You can’t tell a ghost story without putting a flashlight under your chin. 😉 Sppppoookkkky.

SFD Camping 020

And then there were the campfires at night; these were my favorite part of the entire trip. I just loved staring into the crackling flames and listening to all the stories and jokes being shared. It was great.

SFD Camping 021

Of course the campfire cuddles played a huge part in it as well.


There was also  a fairly large pond packed with fish. JBear’s favorite thing to do was throw rocks into the water and watch the huge splash that would accompany it.

SFD Camping 026

I even taught my little guy how to skip rocks. However, I will admit that I succumbed to the pressure of trying to skip a rock while being taped. You’ll just have to take my word that I am the master-rock-skipper (despite the video and what my hubby may say – LOL!)

All in all, it was a great time and a lot of great memories were made.

SFD Camping 027

SFD Camping 031

SFD Camping 033

What are your favorite camping traditions?

Stay tuned for some Hump Day Humor.

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