Sew Pieceful Window Shopping

With Halloween just around the corner, nights getting chilly and the smell of Fall hanging in the air, I long to cozy up under a warm blanket, sipping on a hot cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/apple cider or whatever warm beverage I may have at that time and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

There is this UBER cute quilt shop by me so decided to pop in and take a look at what they my have for Fall.  This casual browsing quickly turned into a paparazzi event where I just couldn’t stop myself from snapping pictures of all the beautiful material, wall hangings, etc. that filled the shop.  So here are some pictures I took for your viewing pleasure.


Witch Hat Wall Hanging SONY DSC

Once I was able to pull my gaze away from all the fantastic Halloween stuff I turned my lens to all the other beautiful fabric that filled their walls.


For more beautiful pictures or additional information, be sure to pop on over to their Facebook Page.


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