One Small Step

Hi All! So I took a leap (with much encouragement from my little sis) and posted a vlog that I made when driving up to Canada.  It’s nothing spectacular but it really helped pass the time while I was driving and was fun to make.   

The truth about shy and introverted people…

So without further delay….let’s get our giggle on and falcon kick the rest of this week.

funny pictures of animals


Hair braids are really hard. I always end up looking like a Danish milkmaid.

"I want to be a Hufflepuff!" said no one ever.


Okay so this sounds crazy but I actually wonder this sometimes; anyone else ponder this from time to time?

Listen to the Radio Lab episode on Color, it will blow your mind.

Fantasy Football

This gets me giggling everytime…

Manda, wake up!

Because obviously it is going to happen to me that very night.

Admit it…

So true, so true...

Happy Hump Day!!!!


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4 responses to “One Small Step

  • LifeOfBun

    OMG a vlog 😀 you’re my hero. You look awesome in daily life by the way, I wish I had your full brows. How annoying that you get confronted with situations like that where you want to help but you just literally can’t at that time! Grr! 😛

    • ourlifeinaction

      Thanks Anouchka! I am my own worst critic so this is a big step for me to put myself out there like this. You should do a vlog and take some footage of the landscape around you. I would love to see it since I have never been there.

  • now at home mom

    I loved seeing you Gabriella, you are so pretty, you look great on camera, you should make more vblogs 🙂
    btw, I was not able to hear you very well 😦 I will try to listen your vblog in another computer! sorry!

    • ourlifeinaction

      Oh my goodness thank you so much Ingrid! My sister also said she couldn’t hear very well…I think I did something when editing. Maybe it was a subconscious thing since I hate my voice lol 😉

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