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Canada Day 2013 (FINALLY!)

Okay, so I finally got my act together and managed to re-write this post.  I am going to keep the babble to a minimum and just let you enjoy some of the weekend pictures.

We kicked things off with the traditional family BBQ. Little man decided to serenade my sister with his version of the Hot Dog song (basically he just kept singing ‘HOT DOOOOG’ in various voices. LOL!).



As you can see, I then took a stab at being a nature photographer….my mom has such a green thumb that these plants were so pretty I just had to take a picture or two…or four.

We pretty much inhaled dinner so I didn’t get to take any pictures of that but I did snag some of a very special moment that happened afterward. 


Yup, I am engaged! 

LOL – okay, my little sister is engaged. I just can’t believe it.  We got the entire thing on video and it was so sweet.  Her fiance not only asked my mom for permission, but got her to participate in the entire thing.

I pretended to vlog with my little sister (which we are definitely going to do  in the future) and when we walked into the room, he got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes and then my mom got the gun…well the pellet gun to be precise.  The look on my little sister’s face was priceless. Don’t worry, that was part of the plan and they hugged it out afterwards.


Then came a toast, hugs, kisses, and many, many well wishes. 

Little man took a much-needed rest and missed most of the engagement festivities but got up just in time for the bonfire and fireworks.   

I don’t think that these pictures really depict just how big those marshmallows were; they were easily the size of my palm and OH SO DELISH!

It was a wonderful weekend and I know my father was looking down at those beautiful fireworks and his ever growing family with a huge smile on his face.

I Spy A Silloetta Of A Bird

I was hoping that my DIY tea-cup bird feeders would draw in birds but this is ridiculous!SONY DSC

Do you remember all that straw we had on our front lawn when we re-seeded?


Well apparently it didn’t go un-noticed by our local robin who must have thought that straw was specifically for her. Opening the screen door, I stood there in shock. At first I thought someone had played a joke on us and just threw the straw up on our porch and fan. Then I saw her little head pop up. She must have worked all night bringing mud, straw, string, etc. up onto our porch and fan. Now what do we do?

Jason took a closer look and determined she was in the gathering phase of the nest (it hadn’t taken shape yet) so we pondered our choices. Being dive bombed by a mother robin every time you come up on the front porch didn’t seem like a good idea.  And since there were a plethora of trees around the house we decided to remove the straw off the fan and front porch in hopes that she would get the hint and relocate to the big maple in the back yard. 

I won’t deny she was a little pissed for most of the morning, I could hear her angry tweets as she flew by and could only imagine what she was saying. 

So I am now thinking, a DIY bird house is in order. A peace-offering to Mrs. Robin in hopes that there are no hard feelings (and angry bird dive bombings against yours truly).  So I am off to search for a cute DIY bird house. Do you have any ideas for a DIY bird house or perhaps a good angry bird story? Please share, I would love to hear it.

Mint and Marigolds

And the fun just continues. Here are a couple of before pics without the flowers.

We decided to line the path with marigolds and then just sporadically plant various flowers throughout the flowerbed.  Jason got to work at one end while I tried to evenly space out the flowers along the path.

I got a short break when my Vox Box came from Influenster. My fingers were stained black due to the black mulch and dirt but I couldn’t resist opening this baby up and peaking in. Huge review to come on this so stay tuned.

Here are some after pictures. I love the look of having various flowers and colours scattered in no particular order.  Once they fill it I think it will be beautiful.  These pictures were taken three days later, if you look at the grass – you can already see it coming up. Greener lawn here we come!

I also planted a couple in a huge “tea-cup” that sits on our front porch (so cute!). And then I got a bonus plant; my neighbour has a TON of mint growing in her back yard and gave me a couple of plants. Mint leaves in ice water on a scorching hot day will taste heavenly.

We still have more flowers to plant but that is what we have completed so far. What do you guys think? Would you prefer a more uniformed look to your flowerbed or the crazier the better? Let’s discuss over some ice tea with a sprig of mint shall we (seriously I am so stoked about having mint plants!).

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