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I’ve Got A Fever

I’ve got the DIY, redecorating kind of fever.  As of late that is all I can think of. New paint pallets, DIY porch swings, fire pits, renovated attics.  This is getting out of control!

The only cure is to grab a hammer, paint brush, or both and get to work. In the meantime, I just have to share all these little bursts of inspiration that is filling up my Pinterest page.

First, the attic. We have one but is basically for storage. That is until I saw this….

attic - GORGEOUS!

There is just something about this that is so magical. If we converted our attic into a room like this, I don’t think I would ever leave.

As of late, I am all about the clutter free, clean look. Not only do I love the colour and look of this laundry room but am definitely going to copy the sorting area.

I love this! laundry-room-sorting-station

I LOVE THIS!!! This would be perfect for my little JBear’s room. Free up the entire room for a play area and his reading nook/bed area all cozy in the closet. So cute!

Take the door off of a closet, add molding around the doorway, and put in some comfy seating and pillows. A very unique reading nook!  SO COOL!

Photo walls – oh yeah baby! I have a ton of pictures and need to get them up on the walls. I absolutely love the way this looks.

Photo walls

And now for a little DIY magic….turn cheap (but cute) sheets into curtains….WHAT?! Why on earth have I never thought of this?

Wait.. what??? I always see sheets that I wish were curtains because they're cheaper! Hot glue ribbon tabs to turn a bed sheet into a no-sew curtain. Genius!

I definitely need to do this – my key dish just isn’t cutting it.


Frame Key Holder

We all have mirrors like this or you can pick one up at Wal-Mart for $14.00 and turn it into a DIY masterpiece.

Mind. Blown.

I love this! Keep the counter clean and have a place for fruit.

Huh, who would've thought? Hanging planter basket re-purposed as a fruit holder! Frees up valuable counter space. LOVE this idea!

Anyone else have the fever? What are you guys working on?

Bathroom Musings

It’s not what you think. 😉 Although my best ideas come to me while I am in the shower, these musings are actually about my bathroom. You see, I want to freshen it up. A new coat of paint, maybe some curtains, lights….and this is where the daydream takes off.

This first image has a very similar set up as our downstairs bathroom.  I love how crisp and clean everything looks. Our tile is an off white so I’m not sure how well the blue wall colour would go with it but I love the white and the added touches.

Just the right amount of mint, not too much so that it starts to look like the Lizzie Borden house... a tad lighter for downstairs bath

I am in love with this paint pallet, what do you guys think?

BEACHY - PAINT seaglass paint pallet 

These looks are a little darker but the grey really works with the tan tile and deeper brown. Yet another possibility.

I love the tile & color ... however, I think gray is too cool for a bathroom.  The tile & porcelain already feel cool, you will end up always feeling cold in here.


And of course details matter, so I thought these little touches would be cute. I love the labels on the jars, adds that little extra and still keeps it very clean-looking.

Printable Bathroom Container Labels

I also love the idea of taking down the towel bars and using these hooks. To be painfully honest, we never use the towel bars anyways. At least this way the towels will be hung rather than slung over the side of the shower.

take out the bar towel rack and do this

Framed pictures of kids in the bath??? YES PLEASE!

Pictures of kids in the tub in the bathroom... great idea!   The Painted Home: { Home Tour by Grand Designs }

So how would you describe your bath room? Clean and crisp? Family friendly? What little touches have you added to make it personal?

And, of course, I just had to share this photo with you all. Look at the size of this tub. Can you imagine how much water you would have to use to fill that sucker up? IT’S AWESOME!!! Not really logical but STINKIN AWESOME!

Wine Barrel Tub.

Mission: Beautify

Our house, as I said it several times before, is a work in progress. That means that on any given room you will find screw drivers, drill guns, pictures that need to be hung, paint samples, etc., etc., etc.

As of late, I have noticed that our little man (JBear) has become disconcerted by his surroundings….that’s right, little man now envisions monsters upstairs and refuses to venture up to his room unless accompanied by myself or Jason. In a pinch, he has even resorted to having Molly stay close by his side as he races into his room and grabs a car or train then hauls his little butt down the steps at mock 10.

As I walked through the house, looking at it through the eyes of my little man, I realized it wasn’t really surprising that he thinks there are monsters upstairs. In the darkened hallway, ladders looming in doorways tend to take on a life of their own and look like they are just waiting to jump out and grab you. (Can you tell I am ready for Halloween? 😉 )

So what do I do? Mission: Beautify….issued and accepted!

Simple things like hanging up pictures of the family and his art, putting the ladders in the basement or garage until we are ready to use them, will really make this house feel like his home. These aren’t difficult things to do, they just seem to get put off as we take on bigger projects.

Next question….where to start? I chose the stairway. I had been toying around with what to add in the little nook at the bottom of the stairs. It definitely needed something, but what?

Scrounging through the house, I found this pretty blue vase and tin can.

After placing each in the nook and standing there for several minutes examining them (I even did a “test walk” down the steps to see how they looked as you walked downstairs…crazy, I know, but that’s me 😉 ); both seemed too small to really work in that space.

The nook is small, but with the height of the ceiling, I thought it needed something taller and wider. Then, by chance, we found this beautiful arrangement. The colours were gorgeous and accentuated the painted hallway. Bonus – JBear was the one that spotted them and so now it really feels like he has control over his space.

I didn’t have anything that was big enough to hold them so I let JBear pick a vase to go with them….he not only chose one that would work perfectly but it was also in my price range, $7.00. That’s my boy!

And voila – the final product:

It didn’t require a lot of work, and although I am still working on the art piece that is going up on the wall (hint…looks like a picket fence), this quick and easy fix made the stairway look less intimidating.

So what did you do this long weekend? Any sprucing up around the house or just a lot of rest and relaxation?

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