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We Made It!

Still not use to the idea of free weekends that are not just me in a coma for two days #healthy postdoc living

It’s Friday!! Let’s get our giggle on!!!

I don't think you understand mom I need light up shoes to run faster

My face when...

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This...this is amazing

There’s something wrong here…


haha oh man, this happens all the time!

The happier you will be

Tone Up Tuesday: Playground


That’s right,we are toning it up on the playground. Last night I was determined to get a workout in. I decided to kick off the evening with some dance moves in the kitchen as I jammed to some tunage and made dinner. Hey, you do what you have to do to get moving. 😉


After dinner, I had two options, spend some quality time playing with my little man before he had to go to bed or working out. Hmmm – why not combine the two. As my father would say, all you need is a little imagination.

We walked to the playground and actually ran from slide, to swing, to teeter-totter and so on. I attempted to do chin ups on the bars (attempted being the key word).  And they also had this rope ladder that was so unstable that I could feel my core muscles working to keep me straight.

A two-hour “work  out” flew by and felt like I was just playing. Simply put, it was AWESOME! Rather than just walk home, little man and I decided to skip; that got my heart racing and my little one to giggle at his mamma skipping beside him. 🙂 

When we got home I did a little research and found that there are so many exercises you can do at the park. And some of these are pretty hardcore.



This girl kicks butt!


Oh yeah – we’re going to step this up a notch.

Now it is your turn. What did you do to get up and moving? Are you staying on track, eating better? Pipe up and BE HONEST! 🙂

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