Mood Boards

Thanks to other bloggers, I have caught on to the whole mood board phenomena.  So I decided to dedicate a page to mood boards….after all, why not have them all at your fingertips, right?

    • This is what we are thinking of for our master bedroom.  A dark grey accent wall with all other walls and molding painted white. Black and white photos of nature or family. A stenciled quote above the bed would be nice.  And of course some house plants.
    • For the spare room, I was thinking of having a green accent wall with the other three walls and molding painted white.  Black and white photos of trees will fill this room with romantic candles throughout. 
    • Ahhh the kitchen – some may even say the heart of the home.  I absolutely love the warmth from this mood board.  You can almost hear the warm conversation that fills the room as the meal is being cooked, smell the warm bread as it is being pulled from the oven…being italian, there is no doubt this is my favorite room.
    • Here is the latest and greatest for the all those inspiring superheros.
    • Splish Splash! Here is our bathroom moodboard.  I got on a tangent about duckies in our bathroom post but they are too fun to resist.
  • Romantic front porch with sheer curtains, beautiful lavendar pots that complement the ivy coloured siding.

8 responses to “Mood Boards

  • Mary Jo Powley

    Gabby- I love ALL of this, read & enjoyed your blog- thanks for sharing, love, mom

  • Luciella

    Hey Gub, your hard work is looking good!! I love the flowers down your front path!! Very pretty!!! Classic mom in the colour choice of red and white flowers. I love it!!!!!! I will have to upload this so mom can see it. I love this page. Good work sis!!! Love, your sister LUCHI!!!!!!!!

    • ourlifeinaction

      Hi Luchi! First – THANKS! This is a lot harder than it looks but I love doing it. And I especially love that you guys will be able to see what is going on rather than me trying to explain it. I have a couple more posts that are ready to publish (just need to add some pictures) so keep checking back and keep commenting. LOVE YA SIOS!!!!

  • Lisamaria

    Very Cool!!!
    Looks like you guys have been very busy … very beautiful touches for each room. I am excited to see how that all turn out… 🙂
    Next I will get your help on my house 😉

    Love ya,

  • Luciella

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHAHHAHAHA….Bats + batman…need I say more!!!! Love that little BUTT!!!!!!!!!

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