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Bathroom Musings

It’s not what you think. 😉 Although my best ideas come to me while I am in the shower, these musings are actually about my bathroom. You see, I want to freshen it up. A new coat of paint, maybe some curtains, lights….and this is where the daydream takes off.

This first image has a very similar set up as our downstairs bathroom.  I love how crisp and clean everything looks. Our tile is an off white so I’m not sure how well the blue wall colour would go with it but I love the white and the added touches.

Just the right amount of mint, not too much so that it starts to look like the Lizzie Borden house... a tad lighter for downstairs bath

I am in love with this paint pallet, what do you guys think?

BEACHY - PAINT seaglass paint pallet 

These looks are a little darker but the grey really works with the tan tile and deeper brown. Yet another possibility.

I love the tile & color ... however, I think gray is too cool for a bathroom.  The tile & porcelain already feel cool, you will end up always feeling cold in here.


And of course details matter, so I thought these little touches would be cute. I love the labels on the jars, adds that little extra and still keeps it very clean-looking.

Printable Bathroom Container Labels

I also love the idea of taking down the towel bars and using these hooks. To be painfully honest, we never use the towel bars anyways. At least this way the towels will be hung rather than slung over the side of the shower.

take out the bar towel rack and do this

Framed pictures of kids in the bath??? YES PLEASE!

Pictures of kids in the tub in the bathroom... great idea!   The Painted Home: { Home Tour by Grand Designs }

So how would you describe your bath room? Clean and crisp? Family friendly? What little touches have you added to make it personal?

And, of course, I just had to share this photo with you all. Look at the size of this tub. Can you imagine how much water you would have to use to fill that sucker up? IT’S AWESOME!!! Not really logical but STINKIN AWESOME!

Wine Barrel Tub.

Play Hard. Work Hard.

This weekend was all about spending time with family, sharing more than a few good laughs and making memories. But as the saying goes: work hard, play hard (we just did it in reverse 😉 ).

The “To Do” list continues to grow, so it is time to get back to work. Our second floor bathroom got put on hold as Jason began renovations at the Sew Pieceful Quilt Shop. However the mid-night runs with JBear to the bathroom downstairs is getting tiresome so I believe finishing off the second floor bathroom will be working its way back to the top of the list. The tub and flooring is installed now all we have to do is:

· Paint

· Install the toilet

· Install the vanity

· Install the mirror

· And decorate (which means a family feet photo shoot)

As I walked up the steps to the front porch, I found this box waiting for me.

It would seem that Jay and I are on the same page. Remember our mood board:

Vanity? Check! Shower curtains? Check! A finished bathroom….we are on our way.

Next on the agenda….tipsy top planters.

I have been dying to make one of these. Since the village block party is fast approaching, I have additional motivation to get going on this project so we can work on our yard and pretty it up a little. I have had the pots for a while and the rebar, only thing missing was the flowers. After buying the paint for the second floor renovations, I mailed in our rebate and got a Home Depot $25.00 gift card. Flowers, here I come!!!

Based on where I was planning on putting my planter, I had to get plants that would grow better in the shade so we settled on Impatiens.

It turned out that buying the hanging baskets were actually cheaper than buying the six pack of flowers. These baskets will be dismantled, divided up and replanted. And I actually have $2 left on my card.

I am planning on putting them in the corner where we had the old porch removed (after I do some much needed weeding).

After summer is over, I want to transplant the butterfly bush below into this spot. I think it will be a pretty burst of colour and will need little maintenance.

So if we didn’t have enough to do, I started to take inventory at 5:30 this morning of items that are just waiting to be hung….the only question is where. We have sconces, pictures, and this mirror, Jason and I just need to find the perfect spot and get these bad boys off the floor and on the wall.

What are your plans for this week? Any weeding or wall hanging?

What To Do? What To Do? What To Do?

I usually drive up to the Great White North on weekends to visit/help my mom, get some chuckles in with my bro and sisters, and fill my tank with the occasional (more times than not) home-made pizza or heaping dish of polenta.

This weekend, I will be hunkering down and working on the ol’ homestead. Pass up pizza and polenta for house work??? Now that’s just crazy talk! But desperate times call for desperate measures. 😉 

Moving on, what to do this weekend??? The possibilities are endless and my worst quality (I know, more crazy talk 😉 ) is biting off more than I can chew.   So this weekend I will be concentrating on finishing up the front porch, working on the upstairs bathroom and since there is not nearly enough on my plate as it is, I have decided to partake in this year’s Pintrest Challenge hosted by a great group of ladies from four other blogs: Sherry from Young House Love, Katie from Brower Power, Kate from Centsational Girl, and Michelle of Ten JuneThe contest ends on July 10th so I will be busy creating my masterpiece and the post that will accompany that.

What are your plans this weekend? Anyof you partaking in the Pintrest Challenge? Or perhaps catching up on some much needed zzzzz’s?

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