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Cold Sore Cover-up

Cold sores. There is not much to say about them other than the well-known fact that they suck. They usually strike when you are stressed out, and/or fighting a cold; so basically when you feel like crap, they add to the crap party and make you feel that much worse.

This is how my luck usually goes. All weekend I was fine…then Sunday night I felt the stirrings of a cold sore. First I tried to pawn it off as the beginnings of acne but come Monday morning  (OF COURSE!!) I could no longer lie to myself. I had a *FLIPPING* coldsore!

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When I showed up at work all eyes were on me, or more precisely on my cold sore. Ahh, joy! My friend, Julie, then told me about this product called Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch that she heard about.

Could it be….could there be a way to hide this hideousness that has perched on my face???? It was worth a try. The process looked easy enough.

Step one – Wash your face and make sure the cold sore was clean and dry.

Step two – Take out the patch out of the package and stick it on the cold sore. Hold it there for approximately 15 seconds.

Step three – Gently pull away the applicator tab, at a slight angle away from your face.

Step four – apply concealer, powder and blend in with your makeup.

Here is my review on this….

This may work if you have a very small cold sore and it is hidden on your lip. I, unfortunately, had a cold sore cluster above my lip so this really didn’t work for me.

Adding makeup over the patch to conceal it, was like trying to add makeup on a piece of scotch tape that you placed on your skin. It came off looking shiny and made my lip look worse (if that was possible). When all was said and done, my upper lip looked puffy and with the layer upon layer of concealer and cover-up that was applied, I ended up looking more like this……

In conclusion, the cold sore cover-up looked worse than the cold sore itself. The Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch cost 9.37 at Wal-Mart. Next time, I will put my money toward something that I am sure will help me get through my cold sore drama. 😉

Note – all images were taken from Bing images. Taking a picture of my cold sore was just not happening. 😉

Three, Four, Five Little Mice

As we creep into October, the Halloween bonanza continues. Witches hats are placed with care throughout our home, along with singing skeletons, swinging witches, spooky pumpkins and mice. Mice? You ask. Yes, I said mice.

As I perused through ideas on how to decorate my front porch I stumbled upon this picture:

Notice the mice on the step – how cute is that, and how easy to turn into a DIY project.

I started by going online and searched Bing for images of mice cutouts.

After some dinner with my little man, out came the scissors and it was arts and crafts time. My thought was to cut out each mouse and laminate it so it is protected from the elements.

This is a great project for your little one to help with; I printed off an extra sheet of mice and let him join in the fun.

After cutting out each picture, I laminated the mice using a Scotch Laminating Sheet.

And then cut them out, again….talk about tedious. 😉

Since it was too dark out to put them on the porch steps and take a picture we tested these out on our stairs. The looked good, and bonus, it was a new and fun thing for JBear to play with. He kept moving those mice from step to step and I just kept snapping pictures.

The next day, we moved these little critters to the front porch to see how they looked outdoors.

What would I do differently?

As you can see I didn’t cut out the area between the tail and the body. Seeing this every time I walk up the steps will drive me nutso so I believe that I will redo this little project and remove that portion. Until then, I will leave you with a lesson learnt….do it right the first time so you don’t have to go back and do it again. 🙂

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