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It Just Got Real

this is brian ever wednesday

Happy Hump Day All!!!  Let’s get our giggle on!

Get a laugh: It s okay to be Takei

love this dog

Happy Wednesdays Silly | Seriously Funny | Our Life In Action


Funny Animal Pictures


I wear make up too, this is still funny though

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 68 Pics


Oh, for heaven's sake. Do people really do this or was she shooting for a feature spot on People of Walmart?

"Bye Mr. SheepButt!"-Gru  "Ahhahhahahahhahahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahaha" Minions

Friday’s almost here so hang in there!

NO! NOT BYE BYE!  I’m stuck you stupid bastards! Come back and get me out!



Cute? Sexy? Or Scary?

I am counting down the seconds to Halloween; it my favorite holiday. As I mention in every post I write about Halloween, I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love it……LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This year I am going all out on my costume….seriously when it comes to dressing up I am such a kid at heart.  So now I have a big decision to make….cute? Sexy? Scary? Or some sort of combo.

costume makeup. cat from alice in wonderland Court be this for halloween and i will dress up Poot as Alice and Ehtan as the mad hatter!!!


A female friend of mine is going to a party as jigsaw... scarry as fcuk...

Face paint

#Impressive Body Art

Comic Makeup this halloween Want to experiment with this on my daughter Shyanne.

Time For The Holidays: Cool Halloween Makeup



For those of you don’t want to do a full makeup look, here are some super cute options to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Would be cute halloween makeup

 Decisions, decisions. While I ponder my options, please comment below or on my Facebook page – let us know what you think I should be this Halloween or better yet, what you’re going to be this year.

Apple Picking

This past weekend we took a little trip and indulged in some apple picking.  Of course we can’t go anywhere without me playing the paparazzi and snapping several pics.  Here are a select few for your viewing enjoyment. 😉


The view was so pretty.


When we got home, playtime was over and JBear took helping his Uncle Mike very seriously. 😉 




All in all it was a beautiful weekend. And the apples….DELISH!!!!

Have any of you ventured out and enduldeged in some apple picking of your own?

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