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Progress to our front yard

In a previous post I introduced you to our multiple front porches.  Well this house wasn’t big enough for the both of them so the side/front porch just had to go.

We have made some progress but have so much more to do.




The metal square with a hole in and below it, is where the vent will go for the pellet stove. Although it looks pretty bare in that corner now, we are planning on:

  •  removing the old sidewalk
  • planting grass
  • adding some hasta and flowers to the corner
  • perhaps adding a tipsy top flower-pot or bird feeder

More progress pictures to come.

Go with the flow

Converting an apartment house into a home involves so much more than knocking down some walls.  You have to re-evaluate the whole layout of the house to ensure that there is a logical flow from one room to the next; both inside and outside of the house. 

For our home, leaving the doorway for the upstairs apartment looked awkward.  So we thought: demo the side porch? Why not?


After demo:

Maybe one day we’ll build a wrap around porch but that is wishful thinking for a future post.  For now, all we need is some new siding, tear out that sidewalk and add some more hasta to the flowerbed. More “After” pictures to come.

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