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Fabulous Fall

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Time flies by and often we take each day for granted. I am doing my best to remind myself that every day and eveyr season is a gift, and that we should really enjoy each to their fullest. 

I will admit, of all the seasons, this is the one I liked the least; the only thing that made it somewhat tolerable was Halloween. Then I found these, and now, it is growing on me. 🙂


These images give me the warm and fuzzies. I forgot how much fun Fall can be.  

Fabulous fall


Love this


fall yummies


Fall drink Mix


fall fashion trends - Google Search


What do I love about Fall? First and foremost I would say Halloween. Next in line would be the apple picking, pumpkin carving, warm apple cider or tall cups of hot chocolate, snuggling on chilly nights, watching the leaves turn from green, to red, to orange, candy apples, and so much more.

TaTa you hot, sticky, sweaty, smelly summer!!! Although i could leave off the halloween line, not that i hate it or anything...just not a huge fan of it, thats all. I like being chilly and having warm coffee and warm sweaters. Bring. On. The. Fall.

So what do you love about Fall?

How Do You Decorate?


We are quickly approaching the holiday gauntlet. For me this is how it goes…

  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • American Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years

Sounds like fun right? Bonus…two Thanksgivings means two turkeys means double the YUMMY!!!!!. Take a moment to really soak in all that goodness. 

Hmmm... my motto for this year? :)

So here is my dilemma (every year). Just perusing that list, I often struggle with how to decorate. I want the pretty fall leaves with the spookiness of Halloween and the pilgrims representing Thanksgiving. Sounds easy right….WRONG! LOL! This is where Pinterest saves the day. Look at all these cute ideas that my just blend and work well together.

Halloween Party Decorations ..how cute!

Thanksgiving decor-  Is this your house, @Heather Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Sulikowski Saviano ?  I saw the 'H' on the pumpkin hehe ;)

Yes! I must make this!

Sign for front entry.

Witch Hat Wreath by theBurlapBranch on Etsy, $85.00

I absolutely love the green with white polka dots.

Fall Wreath

Here is such a cute idea for pumpkins that can tie to Halloween. Fall, and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins carved with a drill!


To be honest, I am slightly exhausted just thinking about it. But as the saying goes…”no rest for the wicked”…time to get my game face on and get this butt in gear. Speaking of game face…HOW AWESOME IS THIS LOOK??!!!

halloween makeup

Okay one more….

cute teeth :D


Define Your Style

By the look of the ever plummeting forecast, I think it is pretty safe to say that fall is here and winter is cold hot on its tracks. With the changing of the season comes the changing of the wardrobe. Yup, this post is about fashion.

I am very much a creature of habit. I tend to do the same things, watch the same TV shows over and over (to the point where it drives Jason bonkers), and wear the same types of clothes. The funny part is that what I deem to be my style doesn’t jive with what I actually wear. A puzzling contradiction that I just can’t seem to figure out.

There is no denying, when you dress good you feel good….at least that is true for me. So, it is time to practice what I preach and amp up my wardrobe. But, before I go on a donation spree, I need a plan.

Step 1: Define your style. If you look at my Pintrest page, I have ideas-a-plenty. Here are a couple of favorites:

This is super cute – I love the shoes.

    Pinned Image

Doesn’t this layered look scream cozy?

 Pinned Image

Or if you would like something a little more dressy, this is cute:

 Pinned Image

For the office: perhaps this outfit could be paired with a tailored jacket and black pumps for the fall.

Pinned Image

And of course, no matter what you where – always accessorize.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

The best part about all these looks is how easy they are to recreate using what you may already have in your closet. Stay tuned for more on mission: wardrobe re-vamp.

Any of you changing up your wardrobe? Sticking with what you have or totally recreating your look?

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