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Winter Fun

Wondering where I am….taking a little break and enjoying family and winter fun!

¬†I’ll be back soon….I pinky promise! ūüôā

Throwback Thursday – Pwease!

Every Thursday we’ll take a little trip down memory lane and share some home videos. Enjoy,

It’s Almost Here

Just a few more days and it’s Halloween. The house is decorated, costumes are¬†hanging in the closet, candy is patiently waiting for little ones to knock on the door and yell ‘TRICK or TREAT’; there is not much more to do but wait for the big day. And then it hits me….create a new tradition; Halloween breakfast. So I¬†scoured Pinterest in hopes of finding the perfect Halloween breakfast.

Halloween Breakfast!

This is cute but not very healthy. Let’s keep looking and see what alternatives we find.

diy no effort halloween breakfast...doughnut monster or for a healthy alternative bagel monster

Boiled egg eyeballs…..this is pretty cool but to be honest I am not sure I could eat these because they would feel too much like an eyeball. LOL.

Boiled Egg Eyeballs - Halloween Breakfast?

This looks so yummy, using a strawberry jam or something like that for the blooooood.

Bloody Pancakes, Halloween Breakfast #halloween #fakeblood #strawberry #syrup

I was also thinking of blending up some spinach and mixing it in with scrambled eggs so they would turn green.¬† Then you could put ketchup on them (my kiddo¬†loves ketchup on his scrambled eggs) or salsa and there you have it…frankenstein eggs with a side of blllooood.

Or you can cut out different shapes (ghost, witches hat, etc,) in slices of bread and make french toast (or pane¬†carrozza as my mom and dad call it).¬†You can also cut out¬† these shapes and make sppooky¬†little sandwiches for the kiddos¬†lunch. Okay, so it may seem a little corny but I love it!!! Why not keep the fun going? ūüėČ

More fun Halloween lunch ideas!

Boo Eek Halloween Lunch

Halloween Lunches - Part 3 Cute and Spooky Fun

Halloween lunch ideas: Going Batty

Just when I think the fun and excitement of Halloween is drawing to an end, I see these. Yep, I am stoked!!! Can’t wait to make these for my little man…..and myself if I am going to be totally honest. ūüėČ

Oh and I tried yet another vlog. It’s funny the¬†looks you get when you walk down the street or in a store and you are vlogging. Oh well, I am doing it for your viewing enjoyment so it’s all worth it. ūüôā

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