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Apple Picking

This past weekend we took a little trip and indulged in some apple picking.  Of course we can’t go anywhere without me playing the paparazzi and snapping several pics.  Here are a select few for your viewing enjoyment. 😉


The view was so pretty.


When we got home, playtime was over and JBear took helping his Uncle Mike very seriously. 😉 




All in all it was a beautiful weekend. And the apples….DELISH!!!!

Have any of you ventured out and enduldeged in some apple picking of your own?


Stress Management

I’m not talking about the “I’m running a little late” kind of stress, but rather the eyes bulging, teeth grinding, pain in your chest kind of stress.  You know the kind of stress that arises when every possible thing that can go wrong does go wrong and you are terrified to say “what’s next” because you know it is only a matter of time before that get’s added to your list. Or maybe it’s just me. 😉

Yes my friends, at this moment I feel like I am buried under an avalanche of crap and this is how I’m handling it…

So as I indulge in yet another chocolate covered sanity snack, I find myself thinking how can I handle this without sliding down the slippery slope into a “why me” pity party.

I can honestly say I didn’t realize just how bad stress is for you.

Getting control of your #stress can help you avoid lots of other health issues. joinnow.onehealth.com

Wow right?! Things can really get a whole lot worse if you don’t deal with the stress in your life. Personally, I think the first step is to acknowledge that you are stressed and identify what your stressors are.  Not dealing with the little stressors in your life lead to the avalanche effect that can quickly overcome you.

Tips for #Stress Management via @AgeForce

Here are two quotes that I just loved so I printed them off and now keep them by my computer.


Want to make this poster-size for my room

So, how do you handle stress? And just in case you didn’t know….

I’m just sayin.. 😉

Happy 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to our little JBear! Five years ago today we were blessed with a little angel.


Every day since we have realized how lucky we are to have him in our lives.



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