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Mint and Marigolds

And the fun just continues. Here are a couple of before pics without the flowers.

We decided to line the path with marigolds and then just sporadically plant various flowers throughout the flowerbed.  Jason got to work at one end while I tried to evenly space out the flowers along the path.

I got a short break when my Vox Box came from Influenster. My fingers were stained black due to the black mulch and dirt but I couldn’t resist opening this baby up and peaking in. Huge review to come on this so stay tuned.

Here are some after pictures. I love the look of having various flowers and colours scattered in no particular order.  Once they fill it I think it will be beautiful.  These pictures were taken three days later, if you look at the grass – you can already see it coming up. Greener lawn here we come!

I also planted a couple in a huge “tea-cup” that sits on our front porch (so cute!). And then I got a bonus plant; my neighbour has a TON of mint growing in her back yard and gave me a couple of plants. Mint leaves in ice water on a scorching hot day will taste heavenly.

We still have more flowers to plant but that is what we have completed so far. What do you guys think? Would you prefer a more uniformed look to your flowerbed or the crazier the better? Let’s discuss over some ice tea with a sprig of mint shall we (seriously I am so stoked about having mint plants!).

All Those Pretty Flowers

I wanted to take a step back and show you all the new improvements going on around the house.

Here is our yard mid-beautification. We re-seeded the lawn and put some straw over it which really takes away from the beautification process. 😦

But with some persistent watering, we had high hopes that the lawn would spring up in no time and that  lovely yellowish brown straw would be but a memory.

Next on our list was flowers, and a lot of them. Rather than spending a boat load of cash on flowers at a nursery, we decided to take a morning trip up to Amish country and get our flowers there. The sky looked dark and gloomy but that wasn’t going to stop us. So I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door.

We stopped at a little (and I mean TINY) diner in heart of Penn Yann. after chowing down on blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon and a cup of hot coffee we were good to go again.

Of course we had to weave superheros into this trip somehow. So as we waited for our bill, little man drew this portrait of Superman. I loved it so much I just had to take a pick and post it to Instagram.


Finally, we got to shop for flowers, and shop we did. We went a little overboard, but the price was just right and I couldn’t resist adding all this colour to our bare flowerbeds.

Now comes the fun part – planting!! You can click here to see my take on a ombre tipsy top planter. Stay tuned to see our next round off outdoor beautification.

Spring Has Sprung


The weather is BEAUTIFUL out and that means trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  My mind is now reeling with all the outdoor beautification that I want to do; this is quite evident if you look at my outdoors page on Pinterest.

I’m thinking lots of beautiful purples to bring out the green siding.  The one picture that I can’t seem to get out of my head is this lavender lined path….isn’t it stunning.



And since I am all about adding beauty at minimal cost, that means a lot of DIY projects – YEAH! This cute bird feeder is a delicate and easy add that I must try.



Along with all this beauty comes a part I absolutely hate: mosquitos – BOOOO!

I don’t know about you guys and gals but those nasty little buggers eat me alive. I swear, it’s like I can almost hear them yell “SWARM!!!!” and next thing I am hauling butt up the steps to seek shelter. 

According to the article below, there are several different kinds of plant that repels mosquitos; lavender being one of them. Yet another good reason to add these beauties to our flower beds.


One last potential DIY project then I’ll stop dreaming about outdoor happenings (for now).


I just love this! It is so romantic looking and I can already picture myself sitting out on the front porch, sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying good conversation with my hunny.

Do you have any outdoor musings that you find yourself day dreaming about as of late?

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