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Winter Fun

Wondering where I am….taking a little break and enjoying family and winter fun!

 I’ll be back soon….I pinky promise! 🙂

Cute? Sexy? Or Scary?

I am counting down the seconds to Halloween; it my favorite holiday. As I mention in every post I write about Halloween, I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love it……LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This year I am going all out on my costume….seriously when it comes to dressing up I am such a kid at heart.  So now I have a big decision to make….cute? Sexy? Scary? Or some sort of combo.

costume makeup. cat from alice in wonderland Court be this for halloween and i will dress up Poot as Alice and Ehtan as the mad hatter!!!


A female friend of mine is going to a party as jigsaw... scarry as fcuk...

Face paint

#Impressive Body Art

Comic Makeup this halloween Want to experiment with this on my daughter Shyanne.

Time For The Holidays: Cool Halloween Makeup



For those of you don’t want to do a full makeup look, here are some super cute options to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Would be cute halloween makeup

 Decisions, decisions. While I ponder my options, please comment below or on my Facebook page – let us know what you think I should be this Halloween or better yet, what you’re going to be this year.

Bad Day?

If so here are a couple things that should cheer you up.


Having a bad day?

Secondly, it’s HUMP DAYYYYY!!!!

Wednesday Funny Caption

And third…if you are still feeling down, here are some giggles to flip that frown upside down.

This has happened to me...

Laughed way too hard

In Spanish class because we caught a wolf spider like five seconds before that :)

LMAO! Every time!

Every time...


Soy milk…

LOL!! The look on the cat’s face….priceless.

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