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The Real Me

I thought I would do a quick post on some instagram pics I’ve been snapping as of late. Ever since little man and I went for that bike/jog the other night, I feel like I’m hooked. I feel so much better when I get outside and just do some sort of exercise.

Basically, he rides his bike and I run around him….litterally. I run behind him, to the side of him, in front of him backwards so I can see him giggle.

Last night we turned it up a notch with both of us “singing” Trouble by Taylor Swift as we jog around the block….you just can’t beat it.

When we got home, we sat on the front porch, sipped some cold water and snapped a pic or two. This first one really represents the true me. I am a goof ball and most of my pictures are taken with some sort of crazy funny face.  I’ll do anything to make my family laugh. 🙂

Then, we took a “nice” picture. That was until little man stuck his tongue out at the last-minute.  He’s a clown like his mama! 😉


And I can never pass up the opportunity to take a picture of my pretty flowers. I think they love all this rain we’re having. Believe it or not, these are the geraniums I kept in the house over the winter.

The cascading petunias in my tipsy top planter are beyond beautiful. I don’t think this picture does them justice.

 So what have you guys been up to? 

Hallway Makeover: Part 1

This is so true on so many different levels. I needed motivation to tackle our cluttered hallway; I had been wanting to do it for so long but kept putting it of.  Then I saw this little burst of inspiration and thought…time to start!  

So this past weekend I started to restore order to the upstairs hallway.

Do you remember when it looked like this?

We have it painted and carpet down but still had step ladders, extension cords, etc. piled in the corner as we continued our work on the bathroom and laundry room. I seriously thought it should take me a couple of hours tops to clean up and decorate….YEAH RIGHT!!!

For the first five minutes, it felt like all I was doing is moving things from one spot to the next. I stood up and didn’t see any progress at all. I felt like throwing my hands up in the air (as demonstrated by my superhero sidekick below) and tackling another project.

But, I snapped out of it, looked at the hall and thought “BRING IT ON! TODAY IS THE DAY!” Yes, I do tackle every cleaning/organizing project as if I were a superhero about to fight a super villan – doesn’t everyone? 😉

Where was I? Oh that’s right, the messy hallway. Well, I didn’t snap a before picture (you all can thank me for not subjecting you to that torture). However, after everything was mostly moved or tossed into the garbage I ran down stairs and grabbed my camera.

Almost there.

We also have a gas fireplace that we plan on moving into our bedroom but for now, I moved it over on the far wall. Until we get it hooked up, it will make a pretty addition topped with a plant and neatly stacked pile of books.

My plan is to move the benches that are on our front porch (shown below) up and create a little sitting area in the hallway during the winter months.

I also moved some of my Geraniums up stairs so they can get some extra sunlight and add some much-needed greenery to our second floor.

Apparently, the move indoors agrees with them because I noticed that they are still blooming in November.

Stay tuned – more hallway renovations to come. 

What have you been up to? Anyone out there tackling long-awaited projects?


Remember my beautiful geraniums? I actually bought these beauties in the summer of 2011 and kept them alive all winter.

There was three plant in 2011 however by the spring of 2012 they had grown so tall that I gently broke off the longer sections, stuck them into a clear glass of water and popped them on the window sill, similar to how I encouraged my spider plants to grow roots.

When it was warm enough to plant, I relocated my six plants outside where they flourished, budded and bloomed. Well, all but one; one geranium just didn’t want to co-operate but at least she is still alive so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Now where was I? Oh yeah….the flower-nabbing!

Well – I should really clarify and say it wasn’t quite a flower-nabbing, rather it was more of a flower rescue. All of which was executed by yours truly. 😉 Hey, it got your attention didn’t it? Okay then, on with the story.

Things have been getting quite chilly up here in the north and if I wanted to try keep my geranium havesting/multiplying streak going, I would have be sure to get them indoors before a frost hit.

So after my perusal of emails, blogs, etc., I checked the weather. My eyes were immdiately drawn to the big bolded letters across my forcast…..“FROST WARNING”…. it was time.

Out came the new pots (seriously, how cute are these?!). The picture doesn’t really do them justice, they are a lot bigger than they look.

After filling them a quarter of the way with fresh planting soil, I began digging up my geraniums and moving them into the pots. Once that was competed I poured more soil around each plant and packed it down with my hands.



Things got a little messy but since I was running out of daylight, I snapped a couple of pictures and moved these beauties into the house.

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  Eventually these will be scattered more evenly around the house but for right now, I think they are perfect right where they are.

Any of you planning on keeping your flowers indoors this winter?

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